Elite Bulawayo School Rocked By Racism Allegations

Current and former learners at Petra College Senior in Bulawayo have accused the school’s authorities racism.

The aggrieved learners anonymously posted their personal experiences on racism on Instagram where they alleged that pupils of colour were being mistreated.

Learners who spoke to CITE accused teachers at the school of inciting racism by using derogatory terms towards black learners and causing divisions among the learners. The learners said:

Our contribution to this transformation will emphasise but is not only limited to matters such as racial discrimination which results in the trauma of black students even post-high school.

Racist teachers who advise white students not to associate themselves with black students. The use of derogatory terms by racist teachers when referring to students of colour.

In a statement, Petra College board of governors said the school was willing to engage with individuals who felt unfairly mistreated due to their race. The statement read:

We take any such allegations very seriously and want to ensure our community that we wish to formally engage with those individuals who feel they have a grievance, not just to resolve the historic and current issues at hand, but to ensure that together we build a better tomorrow for our children.

In 2017, learners at Girls College accused the school head Les Ross of racism and launched an online petition calling for her sacking.

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3 comments on “Elite Bulawayo School Rocked By Racism Allegations

  1. This is highly unlikely and would love for these students to say exactly what was said and by who, people like this often have an inferiority complex (regardless of colour) and make blanket statements to draw attention to justify feeling inadiquet. If a singular teacher is responsible then they must be dealt with but making blanket statements shows little understanding of perspective and should he have gone to the headmaster it would be addressed immediately but to post on Instagram shows it is not a genuine issue but rather a calling card as seen all the time in America (attention seeking To cast negative light). I hope the headmaster addresses this issue and holds party’s accountable including the students should this be a misleading accusation.

    1. “…as seen all the tme in America” you say. So the demand for racial equality in America is , according to you, unjustified attention seeking? George Floyd was seeking attention by getting himself killed? Is that what you are saying?

      1. Some how talking about “this” the first thing you that comes to your mind is Floyde, the media has done its job. Now let me do mine, you seem to have an amazing special ability to assume what is being implied by just one mere sentence and an even more amazing ability to have such a narrow scope to justify your rational behind your assumptions. Seeing as you want to discuss USA I will engage even though it is a fruitless topic because neither of us are from there. You are conflating 2 different issues, you are using Floyd’s murder as an uneducated example of a racial issue but by what definition does this pertain to race? I didnt see anyone from any corner say it was justified so who are you fighting here? i did see everyone condone it and call for the policeman to be charged as he should be so where do you see something that i dont? It was made a race issue by the media which you clearly fell for but A more logical approach would be a bad policeman killed a man would it not?, as in majority of these cases the aforementioned are charged according to the law once investigations have been completed.
        I bet you never heard of Tony Timpa, you should look him up, he was knelt on for more than 20 mins but strange that the media you get your news from never talked about this, kind of makes you feel like there is an ulterior motive behind it. So when it comes to this it’s not a race thing, police do need reform and far better training.
        You state “demanding racial equality” meaning you are implying under the rule of law all are not equal, that doesn’t exist in America today, but to put this to bed fast can you provide 1 law of theirs that is different for any race? Better yet name 1 law that is there to supress a particular race? I can see many laws put in place to the latter at the detriment to whites and Asians but i am eager to hear how America is keeping other races down.
        Bare in mind I AM BLACK so you can’t just call me racist as I am sure you do to others, I highly doubt you know about this subject enough to have a proper discussion with but some things to look at
        Single mother households (this is important because it leads into the statistics derived from not having a nuclear family structure which you can go into as well, not to mention the disadvantages on income being a single income household where most Americans are 2 earners per a household) ,
        Crime statistics, in particular homicide (homicide is an important one because there has to be a body) and whilst looking at those statistics how many police encounters there are per a day that do not result in any death,
        Interracial crime rate (I bet you never have even heard of this one),
        Class fluidity in America, (another thing you can read is by economist thomas sowell which outlined the 3 main keys to success for black America all of which are shunned by modern society ie having a proper family)
        Etc etc and once you have looked into this you can see a narrative different to the one you believe, here is a link to a conversation very similar to this that I think touches on some points
        This topic about America is one we can delve into depth to prove your statement wrong but more importantly I was referring to hoax crimes like jussie smollet or the one just yesterday with the NASCAR driver 😂😂😂😂, It would seem you did not understand my original post and interpreted it the way you wanted……. strange how that works.

        In any case I have invested too much time into a discussion so basic about America especially seeing as we live in Zimbabwe where we have no rights no matter who you are unless you are in a favourable political circle.

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