FULL THREAD: “The 2017 Coup Was Actually The 3rd Coup In Zimbabwe,”

Political analyst, Against Makuyana, has said the military-assisted transition of 2017 that elevated President Emmerson Mnangagwa to power was indeed a coup de tat adding that it was not the first in the Southern African Country.
President Mnangagwa’s supporters and the ruling party, as well as other analysts, say it was not a coup since the late former President Robert Mugabe resigned from power.
Opposition MDC initially celebrated the transition and denied any suggestion that it was a coup. We present Makuyana’s Twitter threat below.
Let’s be very factual; the 2017 Coup was actually the 3rd Coup in Zim. The first Coup was in 2002 when Army Generals led by Zvinavashe gathered &vowed that they would not allow anybody other than their own choice to lead Zimbabwe.
I have always argued that Tsvangirai won the 2002 Presidential Elections, it was clear from the behaviour of the military, the violence they engaged in, the failure by the Judiciary to release the Court Ruling& failure by Mbeki to release the SADC& AU report.
It was 2002 when RGM lost control of the Military. He thought he had outsmarted Tsvangirai by using the Army to remain in power, what he didn’t know was that the Army turned him into a puppet (since they knew he had lost the election, his stay in power was now at their mercy).
The Second Coup happened in 2008 and ED has already confessed how he called Mugabe (after Didymus Mutasa ran accepted defeat) to set up a Cabinet as they had found a way/ twist for him to stay. In both the 2002 & 2008 Coup, the Army again remained in charge!
The influence of the military in Zim Governance is actually underestimated even by those in Zanupf! Most people in Zanupf think “tiripanyanga”. What they don’t know is whatever they hold is bcoz of the Army! Chero Mnangagwa isn’t in charge: he is just an Army puppet!
What this also means is every Zanupf Minister since 2002 must actually thank the Army bcoz had it not been for the Army they wld never have been in Gvt let alone a Zanupf Cabinet Minister! Vanotozviziva mumoyo dzavo kuti they lost in both 2002 &2008 to Morgan!
If you want to see it is the Army that controls Zanupf, just check events leading to Nov 2017. Everything looked set for Grace &G40 until the Army made just one statement and that was it! Mugabe whole empire collapsed just like that!
If indeed RGM was in charge, that Army Statement would never have changed anything. In fact, Zanupf itself would have remained solidly behind RGM &the Army would have been left with no choice than to take over power themselves! The Army knew RGM was their puppet &had no POVO.
The Army knew they can command him out, even out of Zanupf which he claimed he founded! According to the Arny “tisu takamudaidza kuti atitungamirire and we can fire him anytime. Tisu takamuudza asabve since 2002 and when we want him to go he should abide by our instructions”.
So next time somebody tells you about a coup in 2017 as the cause of our problems just remind him that the Coups started in 2002 & if you remained in Zanupf govt since then, you are equally guilty of subverting the people’s democratic choice!
Meanwhile, law expert, Tinashe Hofisi has disputed the above view saying:
Coup is take-over contrary to the constitutional order. 2017 was a failed coup. Mugabe refused to give in & Parliament used Constitution to assist military. That’s not a coup. Calling anything else a coup misunderstanding of the term – read up on the coups globally.

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