“It’s A Huge Mistake To Doubt ED’s Commitment To Fighting Corruption” – Govt Official

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana has said that he is convinced that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is committed to fighting corruption in the country.
He made the remarks when the president’s critics have said that his anti-corruption campaign is only rhetoric which lacks tangible action to back it.
Posting on Twitter this Saturday, Mangwana said:
The biggest mistake I can ever make as a Public Officer, is to doubt President Mnangagwa’s commitment to fighting graft. He has made it clear to us that we are not immune from prosecution and nobody will be insulated from having their day in court. #ZeroTolerance2Corruption.
Mangwana speaks amid reports that Health Minister, Dr Obadiah Moyo was arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) for alleged abuse of COVID-19 relief funds was on Friday released at the instigation of the president.
Moreover, there are allegations which suggest that the President’s son, Collins Mnangagwa is involved in the corruption saga that saw the country losing millions of United States dollars.
A number of high profile figures have been arrested for corruption since Mnangagwa’s ascension to power in 2017 and also most of them have since been freed.


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3 comments on ““It’s A Huge Mistake To Doubt ED’s Commitment To Fighting Corruption” – Govt Official

  1. So how do you explain, Mr Mangwana, ED having Moyo realeased after his arrest? Why must the President be informed of an arrest authorised by a Government-appointed bodY? And how do you explain the over 100% profit Sakunda Holdings is earning from the sale of buses to the Government. Is profiteering not a form of corruption especially when supplying essential goods? The kombis have been taken off the road and so government is duty bound to provide transport.

  2. The corrupt leading and arresting the corrupt and letting them go after one day this is not justice this is Chinese communist lying tactics the remain in power whilst pretending to be domocratic

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