FULL THREAD: “ED’s Departure Will Give Zimbabwe The Chance To Rebuild”

The Vice President of the opposition MDC Alliance, Tendai Biti has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the hurdle blocking the country’s growth.

He said Mnangagwa’s departure from power will usher Zimbabwe on to a growth path. His remarks come when the country is grappling with the economic and humanitarian crisis characterised by shortages of fuel, food, medicines and the soaring inflation as well as high unemployment rates.

This Sunday, Biti proposed the institution of a transitional authority that would lead the country until the next election with the mandate of pulling the country of its economic doldrums and addressing the political crisis that is manifest in the deterioration of the democratic space in the country.

Posting on Twitter, he said:

Today the parallel market rate has traded between 80 & 85. In mid-May 2020 it was 40. An increase of 100% in 3 weeks reflects the black market implosion. The restrictive measures by the Central Bank are corroding the ZWL$ & therefore self-defeating. They have run out of ideas.

Meanwhile, as the economy tanks, Mnangagwa has turned his energy to our Movement, journalists & lawyers. The attack on lawyers & journalists is crude &unprecedented. But no amount of attacks can hide the fact that Emmerson is illegitimate& a failure. You can’t rig the people s will

We restate once more that the only way to save Zim is the immediate peaceful& constitutional departure of Emmerson. That departure will give Zim a chance to rebuild. Departure should allow convergence on the way Foward. An opportunity for a new disruptive consensus.A new beginning.

Responding to his post, some said Mnangagwa will never relinquish power willingly adding that removing him is not the panacea as he is just the head of a fully entrenched system.

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2 comments on “FULL THREAD: “ED’s Departure Will Give Zimbabwe The Chance To Rebuild”

  1. Revolutions, revolutionaries and development in Zimbabwe and Africa are not synonymous as the former in a majority of cases have again betrayed the masses having been hijacked to serve the interests of the very few power hungry and greedy……precisely revolutions and revolutionaries could be immensely destructive as we now witness with Zimbabwe and Africa,,,true revolutionaries and revolutions build prosperity of a nations among other nations and revolutionaries not only seek to rule but also to be ruled, and governed, to be listeners for the good of all as the democratic landscape transforms in step with the whole progressive civilized world. God bless

    1. Interesting comment, indeed!

      I see in Adv Tendai Biti’s view, ED should be removed constitutionally, then how can this be done outside a general election!?

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