“Zimbabwe Will Remain BACKWARD!” – Chin’ono

Zimbabwean journalist and filmmaker, Hopewell Chin’ono has said Zimbabwe will remain backward as long as it does not have the right people on the top echelons of power.

He shared a video in which a man from the United Arab Emirates said his country has “nothing” in terms of natural resources but is prospering because of the right leadership his country has. The UAE, however, has petroleum and natural gas.

Posting on Facebook, Chin’ono said:

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On Africa Day:
ZANU PF has started promoting its World War One bush bakeries again!

It is a sign that besides being corrupt thieves, the #EvilDispensation has NO ability to develop Zimbabwe at all.

ZANU PF just DOESN’T have the brain to do it!

… unless Zimbabweans put an end to this 40-year reign of corruption, looting, violence, abductions, incompetence, nepotism otherwise known as ZANU-PF, Zimbabwe will remain BACKWARD!

Zimbabwe NEEDS ethical and competent leadership to breath again!

Countries which have nothing except good leadership are 100 times or more ahead of Zimbabwe!‬

Zimbabwe has everything you can think of EXCEPT a decent political leader in the presidency and a competent and not corrupt bunch of thieves!

Zimbabwe will NEVER prosper under ZANU-PF, NEVER!!!

Chin’ono speaks when Zimbabwe’s economy is on its knees with some accusing the ruling ZANU PF of maladministration.

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