Cross Border Couriers Left Stranded, Shaken & Hopeless By The Lockdown As Borders Remain Closed

Cross Border Couriers aka omalayitsha or malaichas are feeling the heat of the lockdown as borders  remain closed for the foreseeable future, The Chronicle reports. The lockdown according to the publication has left omalayitsha stranded, shaken and hopeless.

The publication spoke to a cross border courier who said the lockdown had paralysed them as they had no way of paying for the vehicles they bought through bank loans since they are not generating income during the lockdown:

The pandemic has greatly affected us in every way as we do not have an alternative way to put food on the table. As omalayitsha, we’re one group that due to the lockdown, has no Plan B at all.

We have two places where we’re paying rent (Zimbabwe and South Africa) and the landlords want their money without fail so it’s really stressful

The challenge we have now is that most of the cars that we use are owned by banks and we pay in instalments. But how does one pay for a car that isn’t even making money for them?

Our only hope is that the Government ropes us in to also transport essential cargo as we’re starving

Some of the malaichas have resorted to pirating illegally in order to feed their families and they keep hoping the government will classify what they do as providing an essential service and allow them to work during the lockdown. ‘

More: The Chronicle 


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