Parents Divided Over Reopening Of Schools

Parents are reportedly divided over the government’s decision to reopen schools before the COVID-19 pandemic is contained, The Herald reports.

Some parents are saying sending schoolchildren back to school is putting them in harms’ way as they can’t maintain social distancing measures while other parents are saying the sooner the country learn to live with COVID-19 and reopen the country and schools the better.

One parent who spoke to the publication said schools were not the safest place for kids to be now:

Our children are not the most careful, we will have a crisis if they reopen. Children love playing and get in contact all the time. Sending them to school is sending them in harm’s way.

While another parent said schools cant close forever eventually they were supposed to be opened:

Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. We need to accept that. There is no guarantee that next year Covid-19 will not be there. Let us ensure children go to school safely. If adults are going to work, then children can learn and write exams too. This is the new normal

Meanwhile, teachers unions have opposed the government’s decision to allow pupils to write June exams and leaners to go back to school in phases.

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3 comments on “Parents Divided Over Reopening Of Schools

  1. Its quite simple really, if you have a problem with your chilld going to school you keep him/her at home and those that are interested can send their kids to school. Its funny how some are busy saying that kids shouldn’t go to school yet everyday those same kids are playing in the streets theres need to adapt

  2. If ever we are serious about covid19 pandemic and want to save lives of our beloved children and their teachers, which we can not recover or do anything about once taken. Then we need to be the most wise and prudent parents, the risk is too high . Let’s wait and manage the pandemic and preserve life.

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