Full-Scale Investigations Will Tell What Transpired To Mamombe, Marova And Chimbiri – Police

The national spokesperson of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has said that investigations are underway to establish what really transpired to three female members of the opposition MDC, who were allegedly abducted during a flash protest on Wednesday in Warren Park, Harare.

The three, Joannah Mamombe, Netsai Marova and Cecilia Chimbiri who are currently receiving treatment at a medical facility in Harare were on Thursday night found traumatised and dumped in Bindura.

Nyathi speaks when the MDC party alleges that the trio was tortured and was also sexually assaulted by kidnappers. He said:

Police are conducting investigations to establish what transpired on May 13, 2020, after the flash demonstration in Warren Park 1, Harare had been dispersed.

It is only after full-scale investigations that police will be in a position to pin point what actually happened between May 13 and May 15 2020. This includes the movement of demonstrators, their associates and subsequent location of the trio at Muchapondwa Business Centre.

He also warned members of the public against abusing social media saying offenders will certainly be brought to book.

Some, however, believe that the State’s security personnel kidnapped the trio after the police initially anounced that they had arrested the three, while some say the alleged abduction was stage-managed.

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2 comments on “Full-Scale Investigations Will Tell What Transpired To Mamombe, Marova And Chimbiri – Police

  1. I’ll assume you are not a Ghost account or a Cyber CIO Motiwudza Mukanya…, What is Zanu PF’s way of “operating?”…but if you are any of the mentioned. Thank you for posing a statement that filled me with awe….very simply you put it..,”Not Zanu PF way of operating!” A negative denunciation of Zanu PF’s involvement based on precedence. Right?

    Takadyisweyi?….Women who could be your Sister, Mother, Daughter etc are abducted taken INTO A POLICE STATION…somehow, taken out of the poor-lice into the hands of evil, violent, rapists who abuse these women…and there is no empathy-no regret as to how far We’ve morally regressed…just, “Not Zanu PF way of operating”…, I realize times are hard and for some, it seems We’ve been led to believe it’s become a “If you can’t beat ’em-join them” time. So join in the carnage, the pillage, and let the chips fall where they will? After Forty years of wandering in a Visionless ZanuPF Desert, (how Zanu PF operates) there’s now this emergent pressing issue of becoming a Mature and Responsible Sovereignty. Now, in Our Collective but divided “Selfish” state, We might not be able to see the impending danger of Neglect and Decay. I had hoped, a Look back at the Forty Years would have clearly demonstrated how “Zanu PF’s way operating” has been tried with little opposition and has utterly and dismally failed. There’s no way, looking at Zanu PF’s forty year governance, that one can even justify an INCOMPLETE..they have not been at the Job. Plain and simple. Instead, what even Ian Smith would not do to his “subjects”…, Zanu PF has silently condoned, or even mocked the humiliating violence inflicted on so many by cowardly “UnKnown Ass-ailants” of whose Crime not ONE has stood in a Court of Law and paid for the loss of Life, the devaluation of human Rights,Constitutional Abuse of Citizenry Rights….NONE BUT OURSELVES….Political differences are not enough for a Government to fail in it’s upholding of The Nation’s Laws on behalf of ALL Citizens, not just “Zanu PF’s way of operating.” The checks and balances and the separation between political Party and State Infrastructure has been erased. We, therefore are not a Democracy but an Aristocracy of Dictatorship. Politically, over the years through the constraints and restraints of Colonialism Africans have always found a way to Live together as different Tribes, languages, Cultures…in one space..all over the Continent…it’s weak Visionless Politicians who refuse to “hear” and politically articulate the wishes of The Masses+ strategize on a winning mandate but instead, for the retention of Political power and it’s priveleges force they Will on the People through intimidation, violence, denial of due Community but Govt. mandated Services, abductions, unsolved murders and disappearances etc…This is not how Zimbabweans operate. Till within ZanuPF a real turn around occurs, A National Sovereign Vision developed/debated/articulated to All, bad apples abandoned, corruption reversed and Skilled leaders (as long as they are of Zimbabwean Nationality and are excellent at what they do are hired…) then Mukanya…please explain to All…How Zanu Pf operates? nmc

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