FULL THREAD: Western Ambassadors Hoped COVID-19 Would Become A Full Blown Political Crisis, That Would Lead To A Chamisa “Quisling” Led Government – Charamba

The President’s Press Secretary George Charamba has posted the following thread in which he claims Western ambassadors were hopping the COVID-19 pandemic would result in a political crisis that would end with Chamisa in government.

In his length Twitter thread, Jamwanda2 made several claims in which he said the MDC only complied with the lockdown only because they hoped it would lead to a political crisis. Jamwanda scoffed at his insinuations and called the MDC many names and said they were desperate. Read the Twitter thread below:

WHY ARE SOME WESTERN AMBASSADORS SO KEEN ON A FALLOUT AT THIS STAGE?? What most Zimbabweans don’t realize is that this comes from failed viral diplomacy and viral politics. The expectation and grim prediction in a few Western capitals was of a Zimbabwe strewn with millions ofCovid-19-dead!!

The viral crisis, it was hoped, would morph into a full-blown political crisis that would deliver for them what sanctions and subversion hasn’t, namely a Chamisa-led quisling govt amenable to western interests. That didn’t happen, much to their chagrin. This in fact is why Chamisa camp obediently cooperated with Govt on lockdown, something quite uncharacteristic of this donated opposition.

The expectation was that the Zanu-PF Govt would fail spectacularly, in the wake of the pandemic, making the expected change appear like a deserved, beneficent removal of a bad Govt by a righteously angry populace. The hand of the West would have been disguised; the legitimacy of a Western-installed puppet govt would not have been hard to muster. Severely weakened already, Chamisa found this effortless, Covid-19 made installation most appealing and, what is more, as allowing to rise un-beholden to any of his circumstantial lieutenants he has always been wary of.

Sadly for those Western countries and Chamisa, Zanu-PF govt was able not just to handle the pandemic competently, but also rally the Nation together in fighting it. What incensed those western capitals even more was the entry and involvement of other foreign govts, especially China, in helping local efforts. To all this add the solid pan-African spirit with which the pandemic has been fought in Southern Africa and the African continent, including a sharper focus on illegal western sanctions against Zimbabwe and the Sudan.

It is this unexpected turn of events whose sum effect was to render those capitals subsidiary if not irrelevant, which motivated the poorly staged dirty tricks we saw from yesterday. Against this inauspicious (for them) viral background was a real political virus threatening to swallow their blue-eyed opposition. Something had to be done. Urgently too!!! The result was the botched-up abduction act which only drew scornful laughter from right-thinking Zimbabweans who are in the majority.

Except for desperation, why would an opposition delay defiant acts until much later in a testing pandemic, rather than piling pressure on an over stretched govt much early on in the outbreak when the response was as yet to be effective and coordinated? Except for desperation, why would a right-thinking opposition mount half-hearted, women-led demonstrations in an environment where national security structures are on heightened alert because of Covid-19 operations?

How more stupid can one get?? And expecting to get whose notice when the whole world is this distracted and, what is more, will not understand or condone and crowd-driven political action in a season of social distancing?? It could only be a desperate mawiramombe by an opposition its tether’s end, and by its handlers too desperate to care or to be careful. You would have to be remarkably stupid to credit an imploding, self-preoccupied opposition with the space & faculty to do anything else high and noble than desperate self-preservation . And so it is!

Charamba earlier on took a jab at Western Ambassadors who spoke about the MDC activist abductions. 

Source: Twitter

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