“Masses Want Abolition Of By-Elections,” – Government Official

The Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi has claimed that the masses are supporting the idea of abolishing or suspending by-elections in the country.

He said that the common view is that the replacement of the recalled Members of Parliament from the opposition MDC Alliance must be done by the party which recalled them. Posting on Twitter this Thursday, Mutodi said:

Views from the masses indicate recalled MDCT MPs must be replaced by nominees from their party. By-elections will plunge the nation into election mood prematurely & derail government from focusing on economic recovery.

His remarks come after Jealousy Mawarire the former Spokesperson of the National People’s Party recently alleged that MDC-T’s reinstated Secretary-General Douglas Mwonzora was working with the ruling ZANU PF to ensure that by-elections are abolished in the country.

Some analysts believe that this is a strategy to make sure that Nelson Chamisa’s allies in the MDC are replaced by those loyal to Thokozani Khupe his nemesis.

Chamisa and the MDC Alliance National Council have however resolved to withdraw all the legislators in the party from Parliament in protest of the recalling of the party’s four MPs.




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2 comments on ““Masses Want Abolition Of By-Elections,” – Government Official

  1. The masses in Zimbabwe / Rhodesia want what they were promised in 1980 freedom for all ,one man one vote no abuse of race jobs for all ,respect of law and liberty but sadly Beijing wants power lots of power and other people’s money and ulitimatly revenge for being treated as sad overpopulated bigots ?

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