Ecuador Police Pick Over 700 Bodies From Homes In Coronavirus Epicentre

Ecuador police have reportedly picked over 700 bodies from homes in that country’s coronavirus epicentre, Guayaquil.

Last week, a video showing morgues overflowing with dead bodies circulated on social media. Citizens were fuming at authorities for neglecting to assist in the collection and burial of dead bodies.

Jorge Wated, who leads a team of police and military personnel created by the government to help with the chaos unleashed by COVID-19 said that the joint task force, in operation for the past three weeks, had retrieved 771 bodies from homes and another 631 from hospitals. He said:

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The number we have collected with the task force from people’s homes exceeded 700 people.

The military and police began removing bodies from homes three weeks after the mortuary system in Guayaquil collapsed.

Ecuador first recorded a coronavirus case in February and the number has risen to 7 466 and 333 deaths as of 13 April 2020.

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  1. The reporting is wrong. If more than 700 bodies were picked from homes why do you close by saying 333 have died by 13/04/20

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