MDC Alliance Has To Accept Supreme Court Ruling – Mudzuri

Former MDC deputy president Elias Mudzuri has said the Party has no other option but to accept the Supreme Court’s ruling that Thokozani Khupe is the acting president pending an extraordinary congress.

Speaking during an interview with The Standard Acting News Editor Everson Mushava, Mudzuri asserted that the MDC, as a social democratic party, is bound by the rule of law and constitutionalism. He said:

I accept the ruling and as a party we have to face it for the purposes of uniting the party mainly because of various reasons amongst which are, first, as a social democratic party, we are bound by the rule of law, constitutionalism, democracy and respect for institutions.

We have no other option, but to accept the outcome of court processes.

Secondly, MDC is an institution that is respected and as the largest opposition political party poised to replace Zanu PF, we must respect our founding principles and values and also observe international best practices governing progressive democratic institutions.

Thirdly, the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land outside constitutional issues and has made a landmark ruling in a case pitting the party against an ordinary member seeking redress on what he believed had been a denial of his democratic right to elect a leader of his own choice.

As a grassroots-based party, we respect feedback on our decisions from the ordinary members.

Finally, I also acknowledge as pointed out in the judgement, that as a party, we did not get proper advice on certain constitutional processes that needed to be followed in choosing a successor to our late icon Dr Morgan Tsvangirai (may his soul rest in peace).

Mudzuri and Nelson Chamisa were appointed vice presidents by the late Morgan Tsvangirai in 2016, a move that alienated Khupe from the party.

Khupe had been voted the sole vice president at the party’s congress in 2014 and was vehemently opposed to the duo’s elevation and her stance was vindicated the Supreme Court ruling.

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4 comments on “MDC Alliance Has To Accept Supreme Court Ruling – Mudzuri

  1. Mudzuri, MDC A is not interested in taking part in your Zanu Pf sponsored project. You can proceed with your handful of friends and convene your futile congress. Why are you sickly worried and at the same time frantically trying to coerce ininterested individuals to participate.

  2. the problem with MDC A is that they want to be told what they want to hear and do not want facts.the moment it contradicts that they point a finger at ZANU pf.they (MDC) are always right even if it is their failure.it is a fact that tsvangirai imposed two vice presidents contrary to MDC constitution.was he forced by ZANU of ,NO.Chamisa bulldozed his way to grab MDC presidency even before tsvangirai was buried and unleashed youth thugs on khupe whom she thought was a threat.This is also a fact.We can not blind our eyes when someone is doing something wrong and clap hands for him.It was sensible for the party in the first place to go for an extraordinary congress as per the MDC constitution,after burning tsvangirai honourably.where is ZANU pf fitting here.I thought the MDC with rich personnel in terms of lawyers was suppose to do better.Now what do we see? Hooliganism to gain power and want to extent that even to the broader national elections.Now if such things are allowed to happen,the dictatorship is at our doorsteps Zimbabwe.Chamisa ,if he is a genuine lawyer and pastor need to respect the bible,constitution of his party and the country at large UNLESS what he posses are just PAPERS.I want to comment Mwonzora,Komichi ,Mudzuri and Khupe who are trying to knock some senses into this stubborn but educated MDC fellow members who want people to ignore facts and want people to chase illusions that ZANU pf created for them their constitution.The police should do its part by making sure those who want to fan violence to achieve political goals are brought to book.What kind of lawyers are these who want use violence on one side,when it does not suits them,then non violence when it suits them ie that’s when they want the courts.I wonder if what they learnt got in to their heads or it was just theoretical.It is high time that the MDC take responsibility for their actions rather than shifting the blame to zanu pf.ZANU pf has its own pittfals.

    1. If you dont have facts better to keep quiet u dont need to know everything happening next door sometimes kunyarara kwakanaka isnt she the one Khupenga ignored meetings convened by the late Tsvangi wacho did she one day visited Tsvangi in hospital kuzoda kuenda kurufu shame

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