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3 comments on “LIVE: Makandiwa Speaks About The Coronavirus Says The Vaccine Being Developed For COVID-19 Is A Poison

  1. This sort of idiot will be why people don’t get the vaccine and die, anyone who listens/ believes these sort of guys for medical advice I would like to sell you a new breed of invisible cow, you won’t be able to see or touch it but it will follow you and give prosperity for a life time.

  2. That’s a lie ,I am listening to Prophet Makandiwa as well,he is saying the vaccine is genuine but they want to take advantage of the vaccine and inject you a chip,which they will use to control how you buy and sell,and control your health and life ,finally hacking you,controlling your desires , financial records, personal medical information,you will be like a robot,a zombie like,being programed to behave the way the programmer likes,why start by vaccinating Africa with the lowest infection

  3. The reason why it’s an ungodly and will take you to hell is because they will program you not to like to listen to the word of will be programmed not to like God,you lose your freewill and the programmers determines what you like and dislike ,you lose yourself.

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