Zimbabwe Shall Emerge Stronger And More United After Defeating The Covid-19 Pandemic – ED

The President has expressed his confidence in the fact that COVID-19 will make Zimbabwe stronger as he expressed confidence in defeating the pandemic that has brought the world to its knees, New Ziana reports.

Here is a full text of what the president today concerning the COVID-19 pandemic:

The spirit to do everything possible within our means to contribute towards the mitigation against this pandemic, that is the spirit which is coming out, Ubuntu/Hunhu that is the spirit that is coming out,” he said.

I am grateful, keep the spirit; this is what makes Zimbabwe a solid nation in times of challenges and in times of plenty we stand together as a nation. I believe that we will emerge out of this pandemic and challenge stronger and even more united.

I am so grateful, I feel that I have lieutenants in the public sector and the private sector who are determined to see this country succeed. I think at the end of this period of the pandemic we shall emerge stronger in many aspects.

In my view we should not feel complacent because we have low figures, the indication is that as days go by, as weeks go by, we are likely to see an upsurge in Zimbabwe both in terms of infections and possibly also in terms of deaths. We so far have eleven infections in the country, of the eleven two have passed on, so it is important that every single citizen, every single entity in the private sector and in the public sector make an effort to contribute towards the mobilisation of equipment which will be used by our Ministry of Health and Child Care to mitigate against the devastating pandemic on us. Contributions are coming in both in cash and kind, everything is being received and documented nothing is deemed neither as small nor as big

Initially, we felt that we needed to import most of these materials from outside, we are pleasantly surprised and happy that most of these materials are now being produced locally. I believe that in a week or so production would have doubled or possibly tripled. We need to spread these resources countrywide so that all our nurses, a nurse in Chipinge, a nurse in Plumtree and so forth should have the same protection as the nurse here at State House or the nurse at Harare or Mpilo Hospital. We must be ready so that when it (the diseases) is fully upon us we are prepared.

At the end of the day there are companies who have changed their line of production to deal with this thing which they had never thought about, universities are now producing some of these materials which they had never thought about but now because of this pandemic these things are being produced.

This (pandemic) indeed has its bad aspect, but I see the silver lining of this pandemic, which is galvanising our people to do what they would not have done had this not happened, but I am not saying it’s a good omen to have pandemics, it is on us we have no choice and we should rise as a people to fight it in every possible manner

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One Comment on “Zimbabwe Shall Emerge Stronger And More United After Defeating The Covid-19 Pandemic – ED

  1. You the so called president together with your Zanu pf I pray that before this pandemic transmits to the rest of population it starts with you
    You only think about your selves only forgetting that kings and queens they come and go.
    Plenty of talk but no action,and for how long

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