Khupe Now Claims To Be Part Of The MDC Alliance

MDC-T acting president Thokozani Khupe has sensationally claimed that her party was part of the MDC Alliance which contested the 2018 harmonised elections under Nelson Chamisa’s leadership.

Khupe made the startling claims during an interview with The Sunday Mail in which she said Chamisa should account for $2 million of the party’s $7 million total allocation which the government released to the MDC-Alliance under the Political Parties Finance Act. Said Khupe:

Currently, I do not have details of how the money was used. I have read also in the media about the allegations [that the funds vanished from the MDC Alliance’s coffers].

In the MDC-A, we have our party MDC-T; certainly, we will be interested to find out what has been happening with regards to public funds under the previous leadership of Mr Nelson Chamisa.

I would like to lead a corruption-free organisation and if time permits, I would like to get to the bottom of the matter.

Khupe’s remarks come in the wake of last week’s Supreme Court ruling which nullified Chamisa’ endorsement by the party’s National Council as substantive president in 2018.

The Court ruled that Khupe was the legitimate acting president of the party as the most senior elected official after the death of founding president Morgan Tsvangirai on February 14 2018.

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9 comments on “Khupe Now Claims To Be Part Of The MDC Alliance

  1. To be frank,all those with eyes understand that Khuphe was not constitutionally replaced as the acting president of the MDC.Chamisa carried out a coup that is haunting him and his supporters.I think what Khuphe wants is to be acknowledged and ,treated with respect.However, as it stands the Chamisa camp is so emotional which has made it worse for them.Sanity and maturity can easily solve this problem yet bloated egos and acting entitled where you are exposed and on the wrong will harvest loads of misery and tears.

  2. The real power behind Khupe is Gutu and Mwonzora and sheepsy Komichi. Due to love of power Khupe has allowed herself to be manipulated by the two legal minds and their puppet Komichi. Wants the coast is clear, the three musketeers will find it easy to get rid of Khupe and take control of the party. Unfortunately the lot does not have any support base. They might need to borrow zanu pf supporters. Power does not come from the Supreme Court judgement but from the people of Zimbabwe.

    1. Power comes from MDC supporters not individuals. When Biti was with his splinter, PDP he could fill a one ton truck.

  3. Iyi mai yave kutopenga iyi. Hasiriye president we MDC-T here uyu? Ko hu president hwe MDC Alliance ahuwanepi? Please batsirai mbuya iyi.

    1. Khupe is perfectly right. What Chamisa did by grabbing power was unconstitutional. Just follow your own constitution period. No one can trust Chamisa with the national constitution given how he violated MDC constitution. Dzungu ma student activists Aya. They love and are addicted to power. Zvinozvashaya basa

  4. Chamisa must form another Political party ,and leave Khupe alone there .We will go with him .Chamisa must not be afraid .Khupe is power hungry .so let us leave her with her partuy .

  5. Whorees have such terrible habits….This on is a shocker. Crazy B**ch. She has all the halmarks of a lady after daylight has gone. She can lead nothing. She is a ZANU project. Mad….Kaput!!

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