“There Are Certain Institutions You Don’t Fight,” – Mliswa Comments On Chamisa-Khupe Case

The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe on Tuesday ruled that Dr Thokozani Khupe was the legitimate leader of the opposition MDC that was founded by the late former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The ruling reduced advocate Nelson Chamisa to Secretary for Policy and Research, a post he held in 2015.

Chamisa and Khupe have been fighting to lead the party since before the death of Tsvangirai in 2018. Commenting on the case, Norton legislator (independent) Temba Mliswa who is a former ZANU PF member said:

Being a seasoned politician & looking at the @nelsonchamisa debacle, dynamics of politics are at play; I’ll watch. I’ve always said however there are certain institutions you don’t fight; the judiciary, the office of an elected President, the security forces or the Church.

Chamisa and his supporters have often accused ZANU PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa of meddling in MDC internal issues.

The MDC led by Chamisa has been accusing the ruling party of sponsoring some elements in the MDC, including Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora and manipulating the judiciary.

Chamisa’s supporters allege that the Supreme Court was instructed to rule in favour of Khupe.

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One Comment on ““There Are Certain Institutions You Don’t Fight,” – Mliswa Comments On Chamisa-Khupe Case

  1. The problem with Chamisa and his so called supporters is they think they know it all and are always right, whenever the loose a case in court given the merits of the judgements, the cry, judiciary is captured. This is myopic, in this he grabbed power using all sorts of unthordox means, mafia style contravening MDC constitution. Now this has come haunt him and his puppets. He can go away with his supporters, but Khupe will have the assets. A bitter blow to his ego and aspirations.

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