Mwonzora Has Been Reaching Out To ZanuPF & The CIO To Get Support For The Leadership Of MDC – Jonathan Moyo

Exiled Politician Jonathan Moyo has said MDC legislator Douglas Mwonzora went rogue a long time ago and was seeking support to lead the country’s leading opposition party the MDC for sometime.

Moyo tweeted that he knew about this because he claims Mwonzora approached him privately and he has proof:

It’s a pity that @DMwonzora sees things in terms of enemies and not in terms of the truth. Mwonzora has been reaching out to #ZanuPF & the #CIOs to get support for the leadership of the@mdczimbabwe for a long time. He knows I know & have proof because he approached me directly!

This comes after Mwonzora held a press conference yesterday claiming Tendai Biti and team know that the leader of the MDC is the leader of the MDC Alliance. 

Source: Twitter 


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3 comments on “Mwonzora Has Been Reaching Out To ZanuPF & The CIO To Get Support For The Leadership Of MDC – Jonathan Moyo

  1. Jonso we know you for your spinning , we know you for your lies we know how you helped defend the brutality of the evil regime. Leave Mwonzora alone for he is a jolly good fellow , for he was party of the team that defended multi party democracy in 1990 ,the one responsible for the political parties finance act that keeps MDCA afloat ,the one responsible for the electoral reforms that gave Chamisa 2 million votes and the national constitution that is causing ZANU PF sleepless nights and directly led to the resignation of RGM,

  2. When fools like us comment truly we expose ourselves how foolish we are , no wonder that zanu is still in power because of fools like us who are not united . Instead of fighting the common enemy causing suffering in Zimbabwe we cast our eyes on other people who are also and have become enemies of the very cancer. To imagine when fools like us will wake up and be united to help the country being destroyed by the enemy really seems like a hard nut to crack. Some people are allergic to change no wonder Zim is in its pathetic state, its citizens scattered around the globe all because of fools like us. What we comment on surely tells us what sort of fools we are. Regai tinyarare and let fools like us paste their foolish comments which will never build Zimbabwe except destroying it

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