Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono Responds To Threats Of Abduction

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has responded to an apparent threat by government spokesperson Nick Mangwana that “two goat-herders” will be arrested for spreading falsehoods during the national lockdown.

Posting on microblogging site Twitter on Sunday, Chin’ono said abducting and killing him and Harare lawyer Thabani Mpofu will not bring prosperity to Zimbabwe. He wrote:

Nick should understand that abducting Advocate Thabani Mpofu and myself and killing us will not bring prosperity to Zimbabwe.

A State which rules through fear and coercion instead of ideas and implementation is a rogue State!

These are the things that invite sanctions and rebuke!

On Saturday, Mangwana said that taking advantage of the lockdown, dealing with propagators of fake news will not be difficult if only two “VanaMbudziyadhura” are arrested. He posted on Twitter:

Because of the #lockdownzim munongobatigwa pagwenzi seshuro. Kungabopwa vanaMbudziyadhura vaviri then vazhinji vanovona kuti nhema hadzibhadhari. [Because of the lockdown, you will be arrested at home. If only two “Goat-herders” are arrested, the majority will see that spreading falsehoods does not pay].

This comes after exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo said there growing chatter about a plan to abduct Chin’ono and Mpofu. He tweeted:

There’s growing chatter about a plot to abduct @daddyhope and Advocate Thabani Mpofu. It’s imminent. The duo has provoked the ire of Mnangagwa’s hardline securocrats, after their planned demos – with Tsitsi Dangarembzga – against exclusive #COVID19 clinics funded through Sakunda!

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3 comments on “Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono Responds To Threats Of Abduction

  1. It is now the time!I was inspired by the Huthi rebels in Yemen who are now bringing the fight to Saudi Arabi’s own backyard.Instead of running away from dropped bombs they have now taken the fight to the Saudis to taste their own medicine.This is exactly what should happen in Zimbabwe.We cant afford to let a rogue regime hold everyone in that country at ransome without a fight.Zimbabweans have long misunderstood the world’s call that Zimbabean’s problems will be solved by Zimbabweans themslves.Zanu PF is a violent party.So how can we solve our problems peacefully if a violent and wicked regime is in power?It is time to take the fight to Zanu pf.This fight must not be directed to innocent people.It must be directed to the very people responsible for the torture and abduction of innocent citizens of Zimbabwe.Enough is enough.We are sick and tired of this evil and wicked regime.Let them taste their own medicine.Someone somewhere is waiting for a signal.It will be amazing to see how many people and countries would come to support and take part in such a worthy cause.This regime must be dealt with now before it is too late.I call upon all Zimbabweans to act now.This is the time to act.Chisingaperi chinoshura!It calls for shrewdness and gentleness.The enemy must not read our plans and our movements.Let us deal with them when life is sweetest to them.LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!!!

  2. Zimbabwe is already under sanctions.So I call for the authorities to arrest all those who spread fake news.

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