“Mnangagwa And His Govt Have Gone Rogue And Surrendered To Sakunda,” – Jonathan Moyo

Zimbabwe’s former Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has criticised the government’s decision to allow Sakunda Holdings to refurbish and use St Anne’s and Arundel Hospitals saying it is a move to benefit the political elites in the country.

We present Moyo’s Twitter thread below.

“Private sector to setup testing, isolation facilities” #Herald 26/3/20 Ordinarily this headline would inspire the nation. But no. Like command agriculture, it’s not the private sector but only Sakunda; a corrupt fuel cartel that benefits only a few!

The four health facilities identified are in low-density suburbs & have limited bed capacity to cater only for a connected few. Sakunda say the initiative is national but are refurbishing three facilities in Harare & only one in Bulawayo. How about the other eight provinces?

What’s disquieting about the initiative, triggered by a palpable fear of #COVID19 among the #ZanuPF elite, after the fatal treatment of Zororo Makamba at Wilkins Hospital, is the phoney claim that it’s complementing govt; when its clear Mnangagwa’s administration has no plan!

With winter looming & the #coronavirus set to spike in Zim, there’s no govt plan to protect the masses who live from hand to mouth in crowded spaces & depend on the informal sector; fighting starvation & disease & thus vulnerable to #COVID19 due to their suppressed immunity!

If govt had a plan to stem the spread of the #coronavirus, nurses & doctors would not be on strike; their needs would have been prioritised. And govt would be capacitating central hospitals & district clinics & building makeshift health facilities to test & treat the masses!

The fact that the focus is on refurbishing three elite health facilities in Harare & only one in Bulawayo; with that focus led by Sakunda, a corrupt fuel cartel known for using public funds to buy luxury cars for Mnangagwa & his deputies, means the people are on their own!

The #ZanuPF notion that Sakunda is Zim’s private sector, is the most stupid & corrupt idea to plague the country since 2016. Sakunda is not an investor but a vehicle for siphoning public funds to benefit Mnangagwa & his cronies. Zim has a private sector & it’s not Sakunda!

Mnangagwa & his govt have gone rogue & surrendered to Sakunda, their fiduciary responsibility to protect the masses. Effectively, they have abdicated their power & authority. Clearly, there’s a dangerous vacuum. The people must rise to the occasion & rescue the situation!

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3 comments on ““Mnangagwa And His Govt Have Gone Rogue And Surrendered To Sakunda,” – Jonathan Moyo

  1. Jonathan Moyo grudgingly opposes what ever is said or done by Mnangagwa and his cronies, correct but he is no different from that grouping as he was chalked out of government where he was behaving the same way because Sakunda was there during his time and he never used to oppose anything about it as he was benefiting, now my call to Jonathan and followers and fat cats the big wigs of Zimbabwe is that what ever Sakunda has done obviously some people be it the elite or what ever, they are humans and deserve health and obviously some are going to benefit. Now that you have seen this vacuum left by Sakunda, use the money that you stole from the state and or that you made using the name Zimbabwe to create some facilities that would carter for those areas mentioned as vulnerable, even in Bulawayo where especially you Jonathan your kith and kin remain vulnerable. Also do us a favor and stop the unnecessary bickering and rhetoric, follow suite and serve Zimbabwe just like what Sakunda has done, if it was not of people of your like who plundered the resources of this nation our hospitals could have been in a better state and readier to deal with this impending pandemic. All those who accumulated wealthy in Zimbabwe please its time you come in we know that national resources are available and are currently stashed in your pockets, use that money in this danger if at all you have hearts.

  2. Anything tainted by Zanu later Zanu PF from start to finish is for a few only. Notice the freedoms of Independence, there are just for Cartels of the few elites.

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