Former Finance Minister, Biti Speaks After RBZ Re-dollarises {Full Thread}

The regime has radically done a volte-face and sneakily re-dollarised. We told them it wouldn’t work and won’t work. They owe Zimbabwe an apology and they should now bring a Bill to Parliament formally repealing those sections of the Finance Act that incorporated SI33 and 142 of 2019.

Public policy must be consistent, predictable and for the public good. It surely can’t be the business of Government to disrupt people s lives. If the business of a government becomes that of disrupting its citizens then that government should have no business in the citizens’ business.

The confusion around monetary policy and the mismanagement of FX in Zim reflects structural incompetence and indifference. Undoing this dog’s breakfast will be a nightmare. We make the point once more that this is the worst government in the history of governments.

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