“British Tourists In Zimbabwe Should Make Plans To Return To The UK Now,” – UK Diplomat

United Kingdom’s (UK) Foreign Office has urged all British nationals travelling abroad to return to the UK, now!

The advisory was emphasised by UK’s ambassador in Zimbabwe Melanie Robinson who urged all British nationals currently visiting Zimbabwe to return to the UK.

Below is the message that was posted by the UK Foreign Office on Twitter:

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British nationals travelling abroad are strongly advised to return to the UK now. YOU can help us share information with your family, friends and colleagues travelling overseas via WhatsApp mobile. 

We present below the message that came from Melanie Robinson giving emphasis to the above message.

Please pass the message on: if you are a British tourist currently visiting Zimbabwe, you should make plans to return to the UK now. Please contact your airline or tour operator as soon as possible, and follow @FCOtravel for updates @UKinZimbabwe

The advisory comes at a time when the world is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic that has seen nearly 20 000 dying as of March 25 2020, 10:41 GMT while 434 568 cases have been confirmed cases in 195 countries and territories.

Zimbabwe has officially confirmed 3 coronavirus cases and the second case has since died.

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