Zimbabwe Health Minister Exposed for Lying About Coronavirus Case

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Health and Child Care, Obadiah Moyo, has been exposed for lying about the second confirmed case of coronavirus in the country.

Early on Monday, Moyo categorically denied reports that the now-deceased Zororo Makamba, the son of a businessman and former ZANU PF member, James Makamba, was admitted at the Trauma Centre and had tested positive for COVID-19.

Moyo told a local online publication, Technomag that “it would be a lie if you publish that there is a patient with coronavirus at Trauma”. He said:

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All Our Covid 19 virus suspects and patients are only admitted at Wilkins hospital, this is the only place of screening and treatment and if you say this is what has happened, I’m quite surprised, it would be a lie if you publish that there is a patient with coronavirus at Trauma

I’m not aware of that, neither have I ever come across that name Zororo Makamba, all our coronavirus patients are admitted at Wilkins, it is a lie that anyone who has been recorded and confirmed to have corona is admitted anywhere, we only have 1 suspect from Victoria falls and one from Harare who was in New York and that’s the official position.

Following the passing away of Makamba, Moyo admitted that indeed, he was the second person to test positive for Covid-19 in Zimbabwe.

Commentators on social media have now criticised the government for a cover-up, dishonesty and suppressing the truth. Posting on Twitter, @ali_naka wrote:

72 hours ago, Zimbabwe didn’t have confirmed cases, 8 hours ago the victims of “two confirmed” cases were recovering! One hour ago there is a DEATH of a patient some of us have known from Saturday when the Regime gagged the Harare City Mayor! Wake up Africans.

Responding to the post by @ali_naka, Tendayi Zinyama opined that Zimbabweans are in deep trouble as the government has an aversion towards the truth. He wrote:

Suppressing numbers won’t cause the virus to go. We are in deep trouble with the useless leaders we have. Zimbabwe is the only country with the lowest number of confirmed cases which is only 2 and the highest rate of death which is 50%. This doesn’t add up. We are in deep trouble.


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  1. Why should we believe a word any Minister in a Government whose Judiciary is now headed by some junior magistrate who failed and refused to disclose to the Judicial Services Commission on his application for appointment and interview as Chief Justice he was dismissed by the provincial Magistrate in Bulawayo for frequenting illegal shebeens ?

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