EFF Zimbabwe Demands Muchinguri-Kashiri’s Immediate Resignation {Full Text}


Tuesday, 17 March 2020

EFF Zimbabwe is appalled by the recent statements on CoronaVirus by the Zimbabwe Minister of Defence and Security, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri.

Oppah Muchinguri’s insinuation on Covid 19 reveals her arrogance, cluelessness and incompetence. She failed to consider the impact of her utterances in the event the virus hits us tomorrow.

She has disgraced this country with her incompetent behaviour and EFF Zimbabwe calls upon Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri to immediately step down and pave way for leaders who will put urgent emergency measures in place to protect our people from the global pandemic, the only way to redeem ourselves from the international embarrassment invited to us by the so-called Minister.

COVID-19 is an international concern and for such a highly placed member of the Zimbabwe government to utter such reckless statements is shameful, to say the least. It is also very alarming given that cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in our neighbouring country where most Zimbabweans reside as economic refugees.

Instead of commiserating with those affected by the virus and stepping up health measures against this virus, a whole Minister makes a bad joke of it.

This habit of taking serious matters lightly has been the hallmark of the not so new dispensation and as EFF Zimbabwe we find it alarming and disturbing.

Only recently Joseph Chinotimba was on social media claiming Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed by fire but by CoronaVirus, yet another disgusting example of how lightly the government is taking this international pandemic.

These are the jokers we have in the driving seat of a country with more porous borders than any other known African country along with a collapsed health system that cannot even provide basic health services for simple ailments yet the leaders are joking about a deadly pandemic that has claimed human life across the globe.

As EFF Zimbabwe we call on the government to release its Minister immediately and issue a public apology on such shameful, cold recklessness by one of its own.

In addition, we demand under no uncertain terms that the government swiftly take steps on information dissemination and protect our people from COVID-19.

At this point, people do not feel safe in our country because of a lack of factual information and a lack of faith in the capacity of our health system to deal with the virus effectively.

Only recently a suspected bearer of the virus escaped Wilkins Hospital, the only one in the country with some capacity to test the virus and this has resulted in widespread agitation amongst our countrymen.

It is clear we do not have the facilities and equipment to deal with COVID-19 and the least our government can do is to stop making such reckless statements and find how best to mobilise resources towards the efficient functioning of our health system so that lost confidence can be restored and our people are safe in their own homeland.


Vimbai Mupunga (National Spokesperson)

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3 comments on “EFF Zimbabwe Demands Muchinguri-Kashiri’s Immediate Resignation {Full Text}

  1. In the developed countries the ministers resign especially if one misfires without thinking like what Oppar Rushesha Kashiri MUchinguri did. Zanu pf is a coward mafia party no one is going to comment about it.

  2. It is zunu pf smadnes they do this ophenly Enegy Mtodi has done the samething when he comended about xzonophobia saing we have yuor ndebeles here if you continou tomending our peapol we will do thesam they didnot c enthing rong shame on us as zimbabwean

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