Doug Coltart To Sue The Police For Assaulting And Detaining Him During An ARTUZ Protest Last Year

Prominent Lawyer Doug Coltart through his lawyers at the Zimbabwe Lawyers Human Rights has written to the home affairs ministry notifying them of his impending lawsuit, The Standard reports.

According to the letter Coltart was manhandled and assaulted during his arrest and subsequent detention when he was taking part in the ARTUZ protest last year:

Our client Douglas Coltart was lawfully filming the incident for evidentiary purposes when a police officer grabbed him and tried to wrench his phone away from him, while calling for other police officers to arrest him for filming

He repeatedly informed the police officers that he was a lawyer and asked for the reason for his arrest, to which they did not respond.

Our client was surrounded by a large number of police officers, who grabbed his arms and legs, handcuffed him tightly, pushed him to the ground and began assaulting him, kicking him with their boots

He sustained injuries to his head, arm and legs, including cuts and nerve injuries to his wrists. His glasses were also broken during the process

Coltart who is the son of MDC Tresuary Senator David Coltart has been arrested numerous times for his activism.

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