FULL THREAD: The Thread That Might Get Mliswa’s Twitter Account Closed

Temba Mliswa’s account might be suspended or closed after he tweeted a thread that might have violated Twitter’s terms and conditions.

Mliswa on 17 February laid into Innscor management and made serious allegations including insinuating that the board chair is gay and the co-founders are racist.

Addington Chinake the Innscor board chair’s lawyers wrote to Twitter notifying them of the Norton legislators’ tweet.

Below is the full thread of the tweets that might get Mliswa’s account suspended or blocked.

1/ People should understand the most successful white owned farms were also found on sites with huge mineral wealth. So whilst we may have taken over the farms, the minerals especially gold etc are still in the hands of the white people & that’s where the real wealth is
2/ These concessions should be given to the indigenous. Currently it’s the whites controlling the gold. Even Innscor have ventured into gold This issue is serious & I want to break it down.
3/ There are no formal transactions that take place; they just give each other claims under the pretext of purchasing them. These off-shore Mauritian accounts are dangerous for this country, where our money goes and where the underhand transactions occur.
4/Smart, sophisticated investigators must unearth white collar crimes. The offshore vehicle’s owned by a Zim co which claims to be owed money by an offshore vehicle so the forex generated here is transferred to the offshore vehicle owned by the same company with different players
5/ They donate bread and things to ZANUPF @ZANUPF_Official who keep quiet & say these people are ours. With all the donations & well wishers, ZANUPF should be rich but no. Unlike the ANC, they missed opportunities to secure shareholding in many strategic companies.
6/ They want to chase after successful indigenous entrepreneurs but avoid being shareholders in white companies. The indigenisation law was important as it would deliberately empower black people. RGM was hated by whites because he fought to empower his people
7/It’s time people protested against companies where racism&abuse are rife. Any company out of line should be boycotted!! As an MP who deals with national interests I was approached. I’m grateful I’m in a position where I can assist people; I pray for His continued protection
8/ I know exposing corruption steps on powerful people’s toes but i won’t waver. This is about people not me. Whilst my life may sometimes be at risk, people’s welfare is in the forefront of my crusade which makes it worth it.
9/ I’m not a racist or against whites across the board, some have befallen the same fate at the hands of the bullies at Innscor; I’m speaking on their behalf too. I’m not tarnishing all whites with the same brush as some are honest & genuine
10/ You can’t compare Innscor to foreign companies like Unki, Zimplats, Mimosa who do their part for corporate social responsibility. They build houses for their employees&positively improve communities. Where have you ever seen an Innscor housing development for their employees?
11/One of the best ways of empowering employees is by providing good, affordable accommodation&adequate access to health facilities, education& infrastructural development, that’s fundamental but far fetched for a company that can’t provide safe transport home for shift workers
12/ From their offshore accounts to beach houses in Mozambique, they’ve invested more out of the country than here. Whilst we focus & fight amongst each other about black cartels, they’re nothing in comparison to the white ones.
13/ They’ve been in the game longer & mastered it. Government must be seized with this matter.
@CTCZimbabwe must play its role in ensuring fair business practice & @ZACConline must institute investigations.
14/ There’s a lot of racism happening; people fear victimisation. This won’t go unchallenged. I’ll write to Human Rights Commision, President, State Security, lawyers for human rights etc for investigations to be instituted as there’s more than what meets the eye
14/ What is ZCTU doing about companies that report matters of abuse?

15/ Shame on blacks being used by whites to oppress their own. It’s a serious national issue that requires address You don’t see indigenous people benefitting like this & yet these are our resources
16/ Innscor own National Foods & Probrands, they control bread through Bakers Inn, this shouldn’t have been allowed by the Zimbabwe Competition & Tariffs Commission.
@CTCZimbabwe The same with Triple C & Colcom. They own Irvine’s n control chicken @Min_of_IC
17/ It becomes a security threat when a conglomerate controls all such sectors as the damage that may occur if they want to hold the country to ransom is very dangerous & may bring things to a standstill. They control stock feed through ProFeeds
18/ I look forward that this matter as related will give courage to others who’ve suffered the same fate either in Innscor or elsewhere to come forward and give evidence of their encounters and/or experiences & report these issues
19/ Why should companies like this be allowed to operate in Zimbabwe? Many victims are prepared to speak out, some of whom are now in the diaspora. Their testimonies will be published for all to witness.
20/ Are we so desperate for money that this can be allowed to continue with impunity at the expense of the integrity & dignity of our own people?
21/If there’s anything the late RGM instilled in me is that as blacks we aren’t inferior, we are just as superior as the next race if not more! More so in our own country, in our country, we will dictate the course of our own country. That’s what the liberation struggle was about
22/ Just because @edmnangagwa is a reformist&democrat it doesn’t mean that racism can rear its ugly head. We can’t have whites only preserves in modern day Zimbabwe, no way! That’s a joke! They left the farms to take control of most of the basic commodities&procurement in Zim
23/ Economically Zim is still owned by the whites. Innscor itself owns a large share, but who is Innscor? Government must hold strategic shares in such companies so the companies can’t hold so much power over Government. No wonder Government fails to control prices at times.
24/ Why should Innscor control NatFoods & ProBrands? And if one day they wake up and claim there’s no mealie meal or bread? It’s always the case that the MD & COO are black & the CFO white, why?
25/ It’s the same scenario with Billy Rautenbach & ethanol. Having a shareholding in the business ensures Government of sharper pricing and more consistent supplies
1/ After meeting with Breckridge employees, Innscor Chair, Addington B. Chinake took it upon himself to call, threaten&intimidate the aggrieved people, I stood up on their behalf’s &reminded him that they no longer work for them and as such he can’t engage in such untoward manner
2/ As Innscor Chair he didn’t have the capacity&being former employees he can’t harass them. For the avoidance of doubt this is the same ABC who was alleged to be involved in a gay relationship with Prof. J. Moyo that’s believed to have caused ABC’s wife to file for divorce.
3/ As a blue-eyed coconut for the whites he tried to warn me to stay away. I knew I’d hit a raw nerve then & his threats won’t move me. It’s common knowledge that whilst he fronts for the whites he backs for both too
4/ The legal fraternity knows how he rose to the top in a white firm. Whilst others are rewarded through merit, yet others sell themselves. How credible is he? There’s no comparison between him & David Morgan the former Chair & lawyer too.
5/ David I worked well with in rugby and he was a staunch pro black development advocate. I respect whites who respect blacks. David Morgan is one such example. I’m struggling to pinpoint ABC’s credibility in his profession save when appearing before white homosexual judges.
6/ Which case of note has he won or that’s set a precedence? You can’t even begin to compare him to the likes of Biti, Manikai, Hwacha, the late Pearson Nherera, Chagonda, Uriri, Thabani Mpofu, Kagoro who win cases on merit.
7/Addington, the intimidation & bribery you used against journos to cover your infidelity with a married woman which led to her death won’t work against me. Just because your cases of wife beating were protected it doesn’t mean you can say what you like to me & I’ll cower. No way
8/ Is this really the calibre of Chairman who sits at the helm of Innscor’s Board? I wonder if they identify with his modus operandi? Do they really know him well? Well I’ll remind all about the fate that befell poor Astrid. Addington what you’re doing is wrong
Source: Twitter

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