Kudzai Mutisi ‘Reveals’ Why Tsenengamu And Matutu Defied ZANU PF, Says Jonathan Moyo Is Right

Kudzai Mutisi, a social media personality who sympathises and supports Mnangagwa’s administration has claimed that former ZANU PF Youth League Deputy Secretary, Lewis Matutu and Political Commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu have some “chancers” supporting them. See Mutisi’s Twitter thread below.
@LewisMatutu & Tsenengamu’s “corruption fight” The real story behind.
@ProfJNMoyo is right, they have forces behind them. It’s not @edmnangagwa & it’s not VP Chiwenga, it’s also not Chris Mutsvangwa.
First things first! When @LewisMatutu & Tsenengamu decided to carry out the Press Conference in complete defiance of the Politburo’s directive “to follow due process,” they were very aware of the consequences. They did it anyway BECAUSE they have a FALL BACK.
Context… For the past few weeks, @LewisMatutu & Tsenengamu have been ranting. Most Zimbos didn’t know why they were so angry. The reason is: They had machete thugs at Jumbo mine. Police removed the thugs. The Mine will be operated professionally going forward. FACT.
Jumbo Mine story.... @LewisMatutu sort of “forced” artisanal miners to use his facilities for refining gold ore… They paid for that… The removal of these machete thugs dried up his income. But, the people taking over the mine include Tagwirei!!!!! He bought it!
So why take the risk?…. After seeing @LewisMatutu & Tsenengamu’s rants, some “chancers” approached them. The “chancers”, in my view, overestimated the two’s influence. They actually think those two have more influence than @nelsonchamisa, afterall Zanu Pf is huge….
Why “corruption??… “Fighting corruption” is the rallying point for several reasons: 1. It unites Zimbabweans. 2. It whips out anger & emotions 3. It reinforces the chancers’ propaganda that “it’s corruption, not sanctions” Those with shallow brains won’t understand…
“The Chancers” In the previous Press Conference, @LewisMatutu said something very disturbing. It seems many cadres didn’t pay attention to it. He emphasized that: ‘It’s corruption, not sanctions”…. That statement was loaded. It wasn’t uttered in vain, it’s calculated.
The modus operandi Check Tsenengamu in the pic below. Well dressed & with a banner behind him… That’s not trivial… The “movement” now has a face & a name (Zim-First Agenda) & some ‘objectives’ Tsenengamu can’t think like this, the “chancers” are assisting.
“Financial Resources” Tsenengamu &@LewisMatutuDON’T have resources to organise “a corruption conference” or a massive rally (21 February), the Chancers are funding it. Banners & T-shirts & logistics will be funded by the chancers…
Financial Resources In their negotiations with the Chancers, the two, misleadingly, stressed that they WILL LOSE everything – their jobs at Zanu Pf, their businesses & their farms… The chancers offered to give them enough money. That’s why@LewisMatutu took the risk…
So Tagwirei?? Tagwirei might be corrupt… But@LewisMatutu & Tsenengamu have no evidence of that… Even if they do, it doesn’t need the “ACTIVISM”, a good dossier submitted to ZACC is more effective than the noise… U don’t alert a criminal if u wanna catch him/her
“What’s the end game”? At best, they want to get an NTA/GNU etc… At worst, they want to have Sanctions extended & expanded to include some people they shall mention. These two objectives are from the chancers. Tsenengamu said: It’s foolish to ignore Chamisa (huh????)
Why Zanu Pf guys?? Simple, MDC leaders/supporters/surrogates ALWAYS accuse Zanu Pf of corruption. Their accusations are now a cliche, it’s like “toxic politics” Corruption accusations from Zanu Pf Youth Leaders carry more weight – they are “insiders” whistleblowing. Got it?
So, will they succeed?? Definitely not, they are TOO SMALL for those games… I won’t say much, but u will see for yourself how it ends….
Is@mdczimbabwe involved? Nope, they were sidelined, for strategic reasons… But they may get involved through the Leadership of the two “Zanu Pf” guys… That’s why@ProfJNMoyo is just shocked by the strategy & modus operandi. He is not in the loop.
Jonathan Moyo responded saying:
It is unwise to call the FORCES behind #Tsenengamu & #Matutu chancers. No institution in the Zimbabwean political landscape plans better than the military. They’re no chancers. Often the problem is the poor content & objectives of their plans, not their lack of planning!

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