Chamisa Praises The Malawian Judiciary System For Nullifying A Rigged Election

The MDC leader Nelson Chamisa using Twitter took the time to praise the Malawian judiciary for nullifying their rigged election. The youthful Nelson Chamisa tweeted:

1/5 I wish to congratulate the people of Malawi on the historic verdict of their judiciary which has shown courage to nullify the rigged election. I commend their institutions, including the judiciary & security services, which have stood firm in defence of the Constitution.

2/5 It’s a reminder that where institutions retain independence & professionalism it is possible to correct wrong politics.For too long our continent has been plagued by the scourge of unfair elections. It gives hope to see court’s checks & controls curtailing capture & abuse.

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3/5 Malawians have a fresh opportunity, courtesy of the courage and wisdom demonstrated by their judges & the support of key institutions, to have a free & fair election. Lest we forget, we here in Zimbabwe have an outstanding matter – the legitimacy of the rigged 2018 election.

4/5 SADC & AU are urged to draw key lessons from events in Malawi not to rush to endorse sham elections where people have legitimate concerns over processes.SADC and the AU as institutions of resort deserve a renewal and re-orientation to defend African people’s interests.

5/5The generation that rigs elections by violence,manipulation of state institutions,corruption,TIPPEX,EXCEL scandals &dictatorial tendencies by men from the past must be put a stop.Justice demands the young generation to lead the way.Let us build a NEW AFRICA!#PeoplesGovernment

Malawi court nullified their 2019 elections and said they were not free and fair and ordered that the country hold fresh elections.

Source: Twitter


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4 comments on “Chamisa Praises The Malawian Judiciary System For Nullifying A Rigged Election

    1. One right decision, albeit a landmark one, does not mean that Malawi, it’s politicians, judiciary, civil servants, police and businesses etc are not corruption to the core, Cashgate,tractorgate…….

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