“Half-backed” Or “Half-baked” Lawyer, Mutodi Ridiculed For Thabani Mpofu Jibe

Deputy Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi, who claims to be a holder of a doctorate degree, has been mocked for his tweet on Thursday calling Advocate Thabani Mpofu a “half-backed” lawyer instead of “half-baked”.

Commenting on Mutodi’s infamous tweet, United Kingdom-based constitutional law expert and political commentator Alex Magaisa wrote:

Lawyers have been called many things but “half-backed” has to be a first. (Credit goes to Zimbabwe’s information deputy minister (Orwellian Minister of Truth).

One Gerrard Belts responded with a question, asking Mutodi if President has become divine. He wrote:

Agova Jesu here anoita resurrect?

Mutodi had earlier ridiculed Advocate Mpofu, a lawyer who became a household name because of his legal jargon when he represented MDC leader Nelson Chamisa during his challenge of presidential election results at the Constitutional Court in 2018. Mutodi wrote;

A half-backed lawyer Thabani Mpofu purports that a President on leave cannot perform executive functions. Even after delegation, the principal is still accountable & responsible for the actions of his proxy. He can resurrect from his leave & perform executive duties at any time.

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2 comments on ““Half-backed” Or “Half-baked” Lawyer, Mutodi Ridiculed For Thabani Mpofu Jibe

  1. WaMagaisa is even more stupid than Mutodi. Lawyers are not baked like bread and cake. A half backed lawyer is one with weak spine. Useless man. Good for nothing. That discription befits Thabani Mpofu. How man cases has this man lost for MDC? Useless lawyer who goes to the highest Court of the land with a case lacking even a slightest piece of evidence in Chamisa v Mnangagwa ( spelt Mnamgangwa) kkkkkkkkk. Sure he is half backed. Half spined kkkkkkkk.

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