ED’s Former Advisor: Separate Being ZANU PF And Working For Government

Petina Gappah, a former advisor to President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that government officials need to be professional in 2020. She posted on Twitter saying:

In 2020, I’m giving up on Zim government officials on Twitter. Until they get serious, and get a social media policy, until they can separate personal from official positions, and until they can separate being Zanu PF and working for government, I’m not taking them seriously.

Her remarks come when ZANU PF officials have often said that there is a very thin line between the government and the ruling party which they say is superior to the government.

Other social media users have expressed concern over the “confusing” manner in which some government officials communicate issues. They say that it is not clear whether one is speaking in his or her official capacity as a government official or as an ordinary citizen or both.

On a number of occasions, the government had to pull down some statements by some government officials saying that the officials would have spoken in their personal capacities which do not represent the position of the government.

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