Tanzanian President Rejects Chinese Deal Says Chinese Loans Can Only Be Accepted By Mad People

Tanzania’s Dr John Magufuli is set to renegotiate a deal his country made with a Chinese Company to build a port in one of his many seashores as he said the deal settled for in 2013 is equivalent to selling their country to China.

According to Hit In Juba, the Tanzanian govt had signed a deal with China Merchants Holdings International, which meant the Chinese would build a port in Bagamoyo and a special economic zone to transform the country into a regional trade and transport hub.

Tanzanian Parliament in May 2019 was now questioning Magufuli’s stance on the project as the groundbreaking that was supposed to happen 4 years ago is yet to take place.

Magufuli explained his decision to halt the project temporarily by saying:

Those investors are coming with tough conditions that can only be accepted by mad people. The investor told us once they build the port, there should be no any other port to be constructed all the way from Tanga to Mtwara south.

On another note, China is one of Zimbabwe’s biggest benefactors.

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12 comments on “Tanzanian President Rejects Chinese Deal Says Chinese Loans Can Only Be Accepted By Mad People

  1. Finally a leader who has recognised the communist yellow man for what he is, a thief and a cold blooded snake like business partner


    2. If there is anywhere in Africa I had liked to invest, it’s undoubtedly TANZANIA . My mamouth respect for the late President Julius Nyerere but my endless love and great support for a visionary leader like president Mangufuli is just too beyond what anyone would think .His radical approach to transform Tanzania to an earthly eldoarado for the benefit of all Tanzanians, is just too examplary . I love you Mr. President continue with the good work God has sent you to do . Bravo ooooo !!!!

  2. We have a president I appreciate him
    In this century Tanzania have a strong leadership of Honorable John Joseph Pombe Magufuli
    Mungu akulinde uishi miaka yote uwe na nguvu ya ziada ya kulitetea Taifa letu la Tanzania Mimi nipo nyuma yako nakuunga mkono

  3. The mad man is himself his excellence,president of Tanzania is in fact not knowing that China is even helping the most developed countries and not Tanzania ,his remarks over Chinese loans are really foolishness he must consult his cabinet ministers not to interrupt without analysing ,China is the man of the moment he must accept that ,he doesn’t need to be told

  4. Big Up my President
    We should at all cost do away with sham agreements intended to exploit our resources leaving us with poverty.
    Your actions are commendable to all African governors

  5. The Chinese are not friends of the people but unscrupulous exploiters who benefit the government elite in Africa at national expense. Those that accept Chinese deals are thieves that ransom national resources.

  6. GOD bless my president! We’ve been blessed with a president who cares for his country’s well being, he’s built more than 100 hospitals around the country so far, improving all parts of infrastructures. The white man isn’t happy! AFRICA we can do this!

  7. Nakupenda magufuli best president ever, unajua unachokifanya, namba kusema Asante kwa Nia a ya wa tanzania wote, Sema nahuzunika Sana unapokataa kuendelea kuwa kiongozi wetu hadi mwisho wa maisha yako, naona kama inakataa kutusaidia wanyonge, muheshimiwa Rais kwa Nia a ya wa tanzania wapenda maendeleo tu nakuomba upokee ombi letu iendelea kutawala hata kwa miaka 30 tu Asante mungu akulinde, ameen

  8. Best president of the whole Africa Mr John pombe magufuli. I hope one day to meet this man he really inspired me alot. Dear Mr president keep doing what you are doing

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