Suspected Renamo Militia Kill 10 People In A Highway Ambush In Mozambique On Christmas Eve

A group of armed men ambushed motorists and travellers and killed 10 people and set 3 vehicles on fire on the main north-south highway (EN1) in Mozambique’s Mutindiri region in Chibabava district.

The group of robbers believed to be self-styled Renamo Military Junta, open fired at moving vehicles till they stopped all traffic and they dragged out all passengers demanding cash and goods. Some people reportedly tried to escape and 9 of them were shot.

The attack was confirmed by the head of the public relations department in the Manica provincial police command, Mario Arnaca, who said this to AIM:

Yes, it happened. A group of armed men immobilised several vehicles, and ordered the occupants out, demanded their money and property. Then they set the bus on fire.  Some people made a run for it, and were injured.

We have a police unit nine kilometres from the site of the attack. When we received the information, we began the pursuit. We will have more information later.

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