“It’s Your Responsibility To Put Food On The Table, Not Zanu PF,” – MP

ZANU PF legislator for Gokwe-Nembudziya, Justice Mayor Wadyajena has said the ruling party was not responsible for putting food on citizens’ table.

He added that despite the state of the economy, individuals had a responsibility to fend for their families.

He described as foolishness, the claim that the ruling party ruined this year’s Christmas saying the state of the economy was no justification for a dull holiday. He posted on Twitter saying:

It’s folly to claim @ZANUPF_Official stole your Christmas! Things are tough but it’s still your responsibility to put food on the table. Let’s pull up our socks & do something for ourselves & country instead of accusing every successful person of being crooked. Merry Christmas.

His remarks come after some Zimbabweans have blamed ZANU PF for the hardship they have first this year adding that they will not have enjoyable holidays.

Zimbabwe has a myriad of challenges including inflation, water, electricity, cash, and food shortages which some claim are being caused by the ruling ZANU PF’s bad governance.

As a result of the hardships, thousands of Zimbabweans have crossed the country’s borders to seek greener pastures abroad and they are scattered around the world.

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29 comments on ““It’s Your Responsibility To Put Food On The Table, Not Zanu PF,” – MP

    1. You claim to be a responsible father while all your kids live and eat nextdoor think twice and stop blaming poor citizens for failing you mended

  1. You better shut your beak now, when zanu pf took over from Smith government, trains were all over, we had water from the tape, dairy board was still delivering milk at our gates, Electricity was more than enough, you infact destroyed what was already done, please tell us one thing you did fir your country besides beating and oppressing your own people.

    1. As long as the country is led by people like Justice who are always defensive of their failures, the country is doomed. The citizens are here to die. It does not take the one who destroyed the country to build it. You will be the last fool to think in that order, forget it.

      1. Zimbabweans are suffering just because of people like justice. Zimbabwe is not going anywhere as long people like justice are still in power

        1. This man does not understand the effect of a poor economy on the majority (except of course Zanu Pfereres) a poor economy means no businesses, no investors, no jobs means no salaries and no money for Xmass godies. This man is sick body, spirit,
          mind and soul

  2. Sure when smith hand over everything was ok you can not destroy a building which was built in 100days then you destroy it within a day reffering to all farms whch were productive and many many more

  3. It’s actually more worrying when such young people can make such comments.These re the very people positioning themselves to take over from the old folks. I urge young reasonable people to participate in active politics otherwise we’re doomed with the likes of Justice taking over.Its a fact that the Gvt has stolen from the people on several occasions via banks,People can not access their money in banks,Zim dollar is worthless,there’s no water,electricity,transport system is in shambles ,massive corruption,selective rule of law and oppression the list is endless.The Gvt seems to work against the people that appointed them to govern.Until the people understand that they hold the power that politicians need to govern then nothing will change.Justice is nothing without my and your vote and before the next elections…politicians can be impeached.The real power is with us the people,unfortunately our people don’t know that.We actually call civil servants chef.

  4. Good governance makes the environment favourable to put food on the table , you have to understand this before uttering nonsense Justice Wadyajena or who ever you call yourself .

  5. But that’s not what Zanu PF said to us when we voted for it Mr Wadyajena. Now that Zanu is in power its now one man for himself and God for us all, is that it Mr Wadyajena? ??

  6. Justice Wadyajena may I remind you that the purpose of a government is to provide citizens with THE GOOD LIFE. The tragedy is not that ZANUPF has failed dismally in this regard but that you Justice Wadyajena and ZANUPF are blind to this tragedy. ZANUPF will forever remain clueless with their collective heads stuck in their arse holes. Change is the only constant in this life and change will sure come sooner than you and ZANUPF think.
    Happy New year may the people’s struggles for better living prevail in 2020.

  7. Nhaiwe, Justice, uchiri right right here? Vaurikuti vari responsible Kupa mhuri dzavo chikafu ndivanani, vanotambira Marii salary, Mari yacho inokwana chii? Bond bepa zvaro risingaitenge, moreover munyika Michie industry ipi iri Ku offer employment? Handiti makauraya? Zanu pf my foot !!!!!

  8. Zimbabweans must learn from their mistakes of choice .A dog will never be sheep ,it will only covers itself with with a sheepskin to withdraw the attention of people.

  9. Those whom the gods want to punish first strike with madness! Now that you have a bloated stomach from stealing you laugh at the people you have impoverished, but God cannot be mocked! Very very soon you will face judgment and pay very very dearly for this!!!

  10. Stop just complaining and enjoy yourselves. Dont think ZANU PF should put food on your table. Wake up and live you bunch of idiots

  11. Stop just complaining and enjoy yourselves. Dont think ZANU PF should put food on your table. Wake up and live you bunch of idiots

  12. Nice car, fatcat Mayor. In case you didn’t know it – but you are actually a normal abnormal ZanuPf fat cat, who could not give a shit about your fellow brethren in Zim who are starving daily and probably dying in their hundreds whilst you raid the foreign exchange market to buy fancy clothes, buy expensive cars, live in a 15 room mansion, and just ‘fuck the poor and sick”.

  13. Shame on the economic ignorance of Wadyejena. Does he know the ripple effect in econmics? He doesn’t know anything about how economics works, hence his stupid comments. How do you work hard when power cuts disrupts hardworking? How do you work hard when water cuts interrupts production? How do you work hard when cash shortages is hampering purchase of goods/supplies etc. How do you work hard when corruption shortages of fuel stops movement of labour and goods getting to the market& productivity. This kind of attitude shows we have idiots in power. People who got their higher level of education through reading text books only and not applying knowledge to solve problems. Teach a baboon to operate a machine and the baboon will do it but will never understand what exactly is happening. This is the case of this idiot called Wadyejena.

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