OPINION: Marry’s Prosecution Shows Leadership Crisis

Tawanda Majoni writing an opinion piece for The Standard said the arrest of the Vice president’s wife is a direct reflection of the “burdensome political leaders we have

Tawanda opined:

In her legal hurl-back at the court, Marry says all the charges are fabricated. For her, the VP concocted the charges in order to gain unfair advantage in their ongoing divorce proceedings. Her prosecution will press poor Marry against the wall and force her to make reluctant concessions. That’s the implication in this line of defence.

Well, Marry remains innocent till the courts prove her guilty. In other words, whether she is guilty or innocent is a matter for the official courts to decide. The judges can proceed as they like, as far as that is possible, considering that the politicians are always making them sweat under those funny medieval wigs.

The verdict is already out. We have a rotten leadership, simple. That’s how the court of public opinion sees things. Here is why. First, the Marry issue shows that we are suffering a vindictive leadership. The timing of the charges says it all. It’s now common cause that Chiwenga and Marry are no longer the best of friends, if they ever were. The VP wants out because of things that must have stuck to the bedroom but are now subject to public speculation. Whether Marry is going to be found guilty or innocent doesn’t matter for the court of public opinion.

The court of public opinion thinks that the VP brought up the charges as a way of fixing Marry because the two now have issues. That’s the narrative you get in the Zupco kombis and bars. Worse, the court of public opinion strongly suspects that Chiwenga is abusing his office to settle personal scores. And it’s not amused by that. Because, you see, it’s saying if the VP can abuse his office in a matter relating to his wife, what will happen if he decides to settle scores with people he doesn’t even know?

Now, the court of public opinion will say, “So what’s the president doing about his own VP?” Mnangagwa is damned if he doesn’t intervene, and damned too if he does. If he does, it would look like he is interfering with court issues. It would also bring him to loggerheads with his VP, who many out there think he is pretty afraid of. Where does it happen for a president to be afraid of his VP?

More: The Standard


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One Comment on “OPINION: Marry’s Prosecution Shows Leadership Crisis

  1. Akagarira Bhomba President we Zim.. Any move the bomb will go off under him.. He has to stay put and loyal… Can’t blame him for the love of power… Poor guy… Its ticking right under his chair and he knows well.. Kkkkkk

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