“Where Is The Zimbabwean Currency That You’re Saying We’ve?” – MP

Opposition MDC legislator for Pumula, Sichelesile Mahlangu has said that it was better for the country to readopt the United States dollar since the local currency has practically vanished from the market.

Mahlangu’s remarks come after the central bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe injected more cash into the market. Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Mahlangu said:

I dispute the fact that the Zimbabwe dollar is in existence because I am yet to see it ever since it came into existence. I think that the US$ is far better than the Zimbabwe Dollar. Where is the Zimbabwean currency that you are saying is the currency that we have?

These remarks resonate with those of Buhera South and ZANU PF legislator, Joseph Chinotimba who opined that the money was only accessible from the black market.

These remarks come when calls for the country to redollarise as a way to deal with the soaring inflation have intensified in the recent past while authorities are adamant that adopting the local currency was the best way to go.

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4 comments on ““Where Is The Zimbabwean Currency That You’re Saying We’ve?” – MP

  1. Yes, where is it? My bank received no money for the past two days. Today money arrived kust after 1pm. Within an hour or so the notes ran out and coins were issued. Where in the world does a banking system operate such that one cannot walk in at any time on any day and withdraw cash. But we are being told that the money supply has improved because RBZ has injected more more into the system. Or should that be onto the streets? How does one ensure being at the bank at the time money is available and at the same time hold onto one’s employment?

    1. Things are not good here we can’t afford to pay our rants ,buy food , pay school fees its beyond our power please let’s try to go back to USD if posible

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