“What Have We Done To You?” – President Mnangagwa Asks USA And UK

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that the United States of America and the United Kingdom should not interfere with Zimbabwe’s domestic affairs.

He said that Zimbabwe as a sovereign state has the right to craft policies like the Land Reform which seeks to redistribute land, therefore “sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe over the land reform” constituted interference.

Mnangagwa said that there should be reciprocity since Zimbabwe is not interfering with the internal affairs of the UK and the USA.

More: Ministry of Information

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5 comments on ““What Have We Done To You?” – President Mnangagwa Asks USA And UK

    1. They have no interest in zimbabwe you racist piece of shit.stop blaming the whites for all your failures take some responsibility.you wanted your independence and now you have it and you are all starving.fucking idiots.

    2. Actually the USA and the British sold Zimbabwe out. They did not want Russia taking over. ZanuPF was given the country by these two hypocrites for certain concessions . This largely backfired on them and the rest is history.

  1. Mathew – absolutely right on. The blacks stole the land, that’s why USA and UK say you have a problem, you shoot people whilst they are demonstrating for a democratic space, and you are all basically thieves and very corrupt. The whites (Smith) ran this place perfectly, but once you blacks took over, you fucked the place up.

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