Service Stations, Harare’s Corruption Breeding Ground

Fuel shortages ravaging the country have opened the door for massive corruption at service stations especially in Harare the Herald reports. It has been reported that cars are being fitted with huge tanks in order for them to hoard fuel for resale.

Others allegations are that motorists are paying fuel attendants so that their cars can be moved from their current positions to the front.

Speaking to the publication about the corruption issues at service stations, ZERA CEO Eddington Mazambani said:

I have also received a report implicating a certain service station in Harare in such corrupt practices. For now, I cannot disclose the name of the service station, but we are investigating the case in conjunction with the security agents to flush out such activities

Fuel shortages started shortly after yesteryear’s harmonised elections and have been the norm ever since.

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6 comments on “Service Stations, Harare’s Corruption Breeding Ground

  1. I have said before and will repeat once more! “Corruption is institutionalized in Zimbabwe and it is the mandate of ZANU PF to oversee its flourishing in selected quarters”.

  2. “Do it enough times, and it becomes normal.”
    That’s corruption for you.
    I first came face to face with “normalised” corruption at V.I.D more than a decade ago. When I thought I was now a “perfect” learner driver, I was told you won’t make without a kickback. I was in that group of drivers who first had to do well at CMED before getting a “pass” to VID. It was the highest level of corruption where one had to simply pay the CMED guys and proceed to VID, all in the false pretence of creating a better driver. I told them I didn’t have that money but they had to be fair or else ….
    They thought I was “connected” somehow and I went through without an issue. I had been driving for the previous 5 years and saw no need to bribe them.

  3. I am not getting it, how are cars being fitted with huge tanks??
    I guess the tank will be placed inside the car and a mechanism to feed it is devised, for it to appear as if it’s the car being re-fuelled. Can someone please explain the “fitting” being described here.

    What I have seen are drums which come in kombis, SUVs and trucks and fill up after hours, long after the service stations “runs out of fuel.”

  4. The whole system is rotten to the core. I saw a young lady buying contraceptive pills in a pharmacy. Those were issued free for many years.

  5. Yes corruption in service stations is now rampant. Most of them have some sort of corruption but there’s one which do it without care of anybody. They’re like so what! The name ends with letter A, Just saying

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