“I Don’t Understand Why Zimbabweans Sit Peacefully When Govt Is Destroying Everything,” MDC Official

Opposition MDC secretary for elections, advocate Jacob Mafume has expressed shock at the composure of Zimbabweans when the government is making policies which impoverish them.

Mafume said that the abandonment of the multicurrency regime for the Zimbabwean dollar was “nonsensical” and has thrown the country off the rails.

His remarks come when the Zimbabwe dollar is constantly and rapidly losing value against major currencies, particularly the United States dollar thereby causing the country’s inflation to rise.

The local industry is grounded therefore the demand for the foreign currency remains high as individuals and businesses, in that order, have to import commodities for consumption and business.

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9 comments on ““I Don’t Understand Why Zimbabweans Sit Peacefully When Govt Is Destroying Everything,” MDC Official

  1. Un-democratic ED’s murdering troops will shoot you if you demonstrate – that’s why we all stay at home and shut up. They win, we lose.

  2. We are weak, cowards and so timid of our oppressors. Most of those who rally behind zanu or the so called ” stupid am not interested in politics are brainwashed and lied to by looters who promise them of a better tomorrow , yet being killed slowly and nothing yielded, vana zvichanaka chete, day dreamers.
    Also lack of unity amongst Zimbabweans is number one killer, yet we are beggars in other countries which are united.
    Zim under zanu will never come right no matter what, you can bark and bark oppress and oppress Zim will continue to sink . Until the day Sleeping zimboz wake up like other normal zimboz its suffer continue. Let fools suffer

  3. You, the opposition leaders, are toothless. Your leader is not taking any meaningful steps to end the chaos. All he says is “lets pray and fast for our country” my foot! The coward is not the ordinary man in the street, but the impotent, docile opposition we have. Chamisa cannot be a Pastor, an Advocate and opposition leader rolled into one. He must take politics full time and confront Zanu head on if he is serious. People cannot do anything on their own, they need to be mobilised towards a common, CLEAR goal, by leaders who know where they are going. What a PATHETIC statement from you Mafume.

    1. Are u not Zimbabwean Mr Mafume????? What have u done yourself to stop this nonsense…to make matters worse…u r a leader…….iwe na Chamisa wako ibva ipapo tiponde hedu isu tinehushingi….munenge mukudyawo Zanu iyoyo

  4. Matokanganwa. Our president said the time is near. We may not reach Christmas or January or February before the solutions begin. We are waiting patiently for Chamisa signal. Let Chamisa announce an indefinite demo muone kuti hatitye kurohwa kana kufa

  5. What a cheek coming from Mdc! The most ineffective opposition imaginable. You have the city councils what are you doing there? Are you providing an alternative to the broken down healthcare system by mobilizing services in the city council clinics. No!instead you encourage the stay away by doctors. What you are asking now is that after doing your very best to destabilize health care services and everything else why are people not out on the streets ?? So that they are shot at????

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