Zimbabweans Advised To Become Accustomed To Life Without Essentials

Economists have warned Zimbabweans that they have to become accustomed to life without essentials such as electricity, food and healthcare.

A November report by the US-based Famine Early Warning Systems Network revealed that Zimbabweans need large-scale food assistance until at least the start of the main harvest in April 2020. Part of the report says:

The high parallel market exchange rates for foreign currency still largely influence the pricing of most goods and services.

This is impacting a large proportion of the population, whose earnings in loPepkorcal currency are vastly eroded.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing 3-digit inflation following the re-introduction of the Zimbabwean Dollar which collapsed a decade ago.

Several companies have been negatively affected by the economic environment, with Nampak taking an R2 billion knock, while South African retailer Pepkor, announced that it is relinquishing its majority shareholding in Power Sales, a clothing retailer with operations across Zimbabwe.

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  1. we are a cursed country the president is thinking for himself only even if you are looting you have to think of your people we are suffering even R. G was better than this us the disabled we are not even represented in anything in this country because of oppression Mr President think for your people not your family alone

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