Sanctions Called Over Gutu’s Comments On Doug And David Coltart

A letter has been written to the president of the Law Society of Zimbabwe, Mr T. M. Moyo with regards comments which were made by former deputy Minister of Justice, Obert Gutu on Doug Coltart and his father David Coltart.

The letter states that Gutu violated the lawyers’ code of conduct. We present the letter in full below.

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3 comments on “Sanctions Called Over Gutu’s Comments On Doug And David Coltart

    1. Those same “freedom fighters” murdered, raped, massacred and committed mass genocide to many villages/tribes during the war. War is not pretty but your ignorance in thinking one side was worse than the other shows your lack of knowledge about the war and ability to think critically. It is well documented villages not involved in the war were not harmed by Rhodisian army but we’re attacked by freedom fighters because they did not fight for their cause. My village elders still tell us the stories although zanu wants you to think otherwise hence they brainwash the stupid into believing a narrative they want. Neither side was good, hence Mugabe passed a law absolving any crimes committed during the war due to many “freedom fighters” would have gone to jail after independence by our own definition of war crimes.

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