“Stopping MDC Rallies Is A Huge Blunder,” ZANU PF Told

The government of Zimbabwe has been warned against continued “persecution” of the opposition MDC and members of the public as that will work against it.

Nkululeko Sibanda, the spokesperson of the leader of MDC, Nelson Chamisa said that if pushed to the extremes, citizens will retaliate thereby ushering the country into a civil war.

Speaking to the Daily News, Sibanda said:

Thirteen rallies and meetings were banned in October and November 2019 alone … and now this government has issued a threat that they won’t hesitate to arrest Chamisa.

Zanu PF’s ill-advised tactic of closing democratic space and arresting the MDC’s leadership is self-defeating.

His remarks come after the government has threatened to arrest Chamisa for his threats to continue with banned protests.

Chamisa was speaking after the police had violently dispersed MDC supporters from the MDC headquarters last week where Chamisa was delivering his Hope of the Nation Address.

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4 comments on ““Stopping MDC Rallies Is A Huge Blunder,” ZANU PF Told

  1. ZANU is a military junta it cannot tolerate competition and the constitution as all constitutions are designed to prevent the formation of one party state juntas

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