Chinese Deputy Ambassador Reveals Why He Welcomed VP Chiwenga

China’s deputy ambassador to Zimbabwe, Zhao Baogang, has shed light on why he welcomed Vice President Constantino Chiwenga on Saturday morning on his return from China.

Using microblogging site Twitter, Zhao said that it is a basic protocol for him as a diplomat that he welcomed Chiwenga. He wrote:

[Since] he [Chiwenga] is coming from China, I receive him [and] that’s a basic protocol for a diplomat.

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Zhao went to castigate a local publication (Bulawayo24) for “creating rumours about China-Zimbabwe relations many times”. Zhao attached a screenshot of an article by the publication which reads:

No ZANU PF or government official was present to welcome him. There have been several reports that Chiwenga is working with China to plot a coup against President Emmerson Mnangagwa.



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3 comments on “Chinese Deputy Ambassador Reveals Why He Welcomed VP Chiwenga

  1. Reporters should give us facts and not act on rumours, they should be guided by the principles of journalism. Only 2 days ago the other publication was saying that his Wikipedia profile was alleging that he was dead. I checked the profile and never saw that. This taints journalism as a whole. How can we trust what you tell us especially on print because we are solely relying on what you have seen or heard?

  2. China is not a good friend for Zimbabwe it has got its own objectives beyond what it proclaims it is,What does it really means for a foreign like that deputy ambassodor to be seen receiving the vice President who was hospitalised on zimbabwean government expense such strategies do not work rather you are exposing China behaviour to the whole world,we need peace and development in our country not divisions which are created by chinese quest for mineral resources in zimbabwe,china betrayed mugabe again but this this its a non starter be asured

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