“How Zimbabwe Has Changed Since I Became President,” ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that there have been significant changes in Zimbabwe since his ascendancy to power.

He speaks two years after Zimbabweans marched on November 18th, 2017, during the military assisted transition which resulted in the demise of Zimbabwe’s founding leader, the late former president Robert Mugabe.

ED, as Mnangagwa is popularly known claims that he ushered in a new era characterised by a new way of doing things.

Among other things, he mentioned that criticism of the presidency, which was a taboo during Mugabe’s era, is now permissible. He added:

We immediately went into an election, in which opposition parties were free to campaign wherever, whenever and however they liked. Even when I narrowly survived the Bulawayo bombing attack weeks before the election, nothing changed. The campaign continued unimpeded.

He added that his administration will continue implementing political and legislative reforms to enhance democracy in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the opposition MDC, some civic groups and some members of the international community have observed a few changes and a lot of similarities between Mugabe’s and Mnangagwa’s governance strategies saying that there was a continuation of human rights violations by the current government.

Economic deterioration is another development which attracted public anger.

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2 comments on ““How Zimbabwe Has Changed Since I Became President,” ED

  1. The whole country is witnessing only bad to worst.The media must write correct things not lies.Mugabe was not a founder of Zanu,he hi jacked as they have hi jacked it again.

  2. Changed? Really? No medicines, no money, no fuel, no electricity, no democracy, not freedom to demonstrate, wastefull flying trips in expenseive airline jets to non-events, wholesale looting and corruption (with no arrests), new expensive cars for legislators. No, NO CHANGE.

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