FULL THREAD: “I’m The Biblical Saul Who Became Paul,” Kasukuwere Responds To Murder Allegations

Exiled former Cabinet Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere has likened himself to the Biblical Saul who would later become Paul after he was accused of killing scores of people during his time in government.

One Twitter user, @denvern3 had posted suggesting that Kasukuwere was personally involved in a number of murder cases in the country. @denvern3 had said:

In one example, Kasukuwere, on the 5th May 2008, “organized and ferried a group of over 300 youths to Chaona, Mazowe where a lot of people were seriously injured and six people were killed. The youths were wearing Kasukuwere’s campaign T-shirt.

To this, the former Youths Minister responded saying:

Damascene moments are rare and true. Leadership is acknowledging mistakes of the past and perfecting our way going forward. In the Bible, Saul became Paul and changed the face of the New Testament. As we press forward we remember yesterday’s missteps. Gd morning.
@denvern3 responded:
Let’s talk about why they called you Paraquat. You don’t get to wield Bible narratives when you haven’t atoned for the lives that were taken at your hand. Genuine repentance requires visible reform!
Another Twitter user, @KnolMoyo responded to Kasukuwere saying:
Good morning Tyson,, it’s good you said past mistakes must be corrected! Allow me to ask you, what happened to those Share Ownership Schemes checks you and mdara Bob presented?
Kasukuwere responded to @KnolMoyo saying:
The companies reneged on their obligations and only paid $5m after the coup. Those who controlled the companies then released the payments after taking overpower. I guess it was politics.
@denvern3 added saying that the general public must know that Kasukuwere is one of the people who have robbed many families of loved ones and fundamentally changed people’s lives for the worst. The used added that Kasukuwere and colleagues should atone for their deeds.
One @TichRay contributed to the conversation saying:
In 2000 takamanya zvisingaiti from the MDC Hre offices where I had gone to collect t-shirts for distribution after getting intel Kasukuwere & his hoodlums were coming.
And they were said to be coming from Mt Darwin where they were said to have brutalized people on behalf of Joice
More: @denvern3

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4 comments on “FULL THREAD: “I’m The Biblical Saul Who Became Paul,” Kasukuwere Responds To Murder Allegations

  1. Funny one acknowledges the past mistakes of murder and hopes to just bury the hatchet and move on. You need to be brought to book kasukuwere sbd the rest of your murderous regime. Time will come. Its leaders like you we never want to see in power again

  2. Which Bible is this? Leave the traumatized innocent Zimbabweans to heal their deeply wounded souls..please just be quiet sir.

  3. If you are really repented come and surrender at Chikurubi and confess to murders you committed as you admit. Damascus or no Dmascus we have NOT yet forgiven you. We are in NO mood to forgive ANYONE

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