ED Takes ‘Zim Is Open For Business’ Mantra To The Emirates

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said that Zimbabwe has had no lines of credit from international institutions for the past 20 years due to sanctions.

President Mnangagwa was speaking on Monday at the Global Business Forum Africa 2019 in Dubai. He said:

Up until now, we have had no support from international institutions – we’ve had no lines of credit for 20 years.

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Bilateral relations have dried up. We need to introduce a raft of economic reforms to attract global capital. We must create an environment where investors feel comfortable.

We have thousands of top brains outside of Zimbabwe – people left because of the sanctions. We want the brain drain to come back.

He invited investors to grab opportunities in agriculture, mining and energy sectors.

The fifth edition of GBF Africa is being organised The fifth edition of GBF Africa” and is set to conclude this Wednesday.

The forum brings together heads of state, policymakers, prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts from the UAE and Africa to explore new avenues of economic cooperation.

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One Comment on “ED Takes ‘Zim Is Open For Business’ Mantra To The Emirates

  1. So ED, why don’t you introduce the “raft of economic reforms”, not those stupid things like: banning the use of forex, not making any money/cash available at the banks, 2% levy on all transactions.? Your finance Minister is the biggest fraud in Africa at the moment. Where did you get the forex from to charter an airliner to fly you and your 60 useless ministers and aids who all want USD$5000 per day? Hey, where did you get all that money from? At least USD3-4 million, but you will come with nought. You always do.

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