Govt To Hike Passport Fees

The govt is set to raise passport fees in a bid to raise enough forex to produce the much-needed passports Daily News reports. This was revealed by the registrar general Clemence Masango who spoke to the media and said:

The matter (of increasing fees) is now with Treasury. They have the final say on the adjustments after we have advised them.

The process is underway … If there is a change in fees or anything to do with policy that will be properly communicated.

The RG’s remarks are coming amidst a passport crisis that has seen the passport office having a backlog of over 300K. However, Mr Masango said he is optimistic that, by March 2020 they will have cleared the passports backlog as they have increased production to 2000 a day and can work 2 shifts and bump up their production to 4000 per day.

More: Daily News 

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One Comment on “Govt To Hike Passport Fees

  1. Message to Mnangagwa and zanupf ..Oppressive regime are destined to fall and the people you oppress are meant to live victory will come no matter how much power or weapons you have there are times in this life when the barrel of your arms shall be overcomed by wiling hearts if you dont change and live the people to suffer the some the some power you worship and sacrifice to willl reject you power is not permanent when satan saw he had too much power he thought he was superior to others what makes him fall was present all the time watching history taught us dictators ending is very painful we saw it on .hitler,mugabe saddan gaddafi samora.mabuto seseseko.change or change will force you in a brutal way open your eyes

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