WATCH: Black Student Being Beaten By White Student

In the video below, a black student is being beaten by a white student at an unknown school. Whilst the person who posted the video alleges that the school is Peterhouse in Marondera, Zimbabwe, the uniforms of students suggest otherwise. Peterhouse wears blue, white and black not khakis.

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11 comments on “WATCH: Black Student Being Beaten By White Student

  1. Kids fight of course but you can’t make that a headline , sometimes such headlines are unnecessary and immature. Do not think pa chi war veteran zvinova zvauraya nyika thinking backwards leaving important issues after Zim families , Nyika yave mamvemve muchitutaridza crap shit

  2. Your headline is horrible but if the kids were both black it would be “watch kids fighting” try not to instigate hatred kids…. For a fact kids fight period

  3. Yes kids will always fight black or white it doesn’t matter they are kids after all. Stop publishing childish material. We have work to do. The country needs us all. I have no time for racism or tribalism whatever. It just waste of my time.

  4. Andile it seems you are supporting kids to fight. In this new world we do not accept this kind of immoral behavior in our schools and society.

    1. No no not at all I don’t approve to child fights. But again remember even siblings fight. So surely parents and teachers must try by all means to ensure chn interact peacefully both at home and in schools.
      But what pains me most is to see the politics of race being used to destroy our country by those who benefit from such evil behaviours. I am a travelled Zimbabwean and over the years the world has taught me that diversity brings in different skills to build a country. So central to the destruction of Zimbabwe are racial and tribal divisions. Nothing else.

      1. Fighting happens among children but it does not make it right.
        Kids whether white/black, black/ white, black /black. Any skin colour it must not condemned. Children must be taught to solve issues using dialogue. Those watching must be punished.
        Those boys are Peterhouse boys in a dormitory. They only wear blue blazers when going out or going home. Every day uniform is khaki shorts and shirts.
        But my point is which ever school, it’s not acceptable.

  5. foolish zanupf thugs trying to divide zimbabwe as a black man kids do fight black or white it takes a fool to make it an issue i think the zimbabweans especially shona people are resist ndovakauraya nyika mashona they are tribalists

  6. I agree with most posters. Children fight. It has gone on for millennia – nothing new.

    Surely to report it thus is actually trying to incite racial hatred? A criminal offence methinks?
    Oh wow. Just re-read my comment prior to posting. Sorry Mr/Ms journalist, I just realised my error, I failed to mention religion or ethnicity!

  7. Well that makes a pleasent change
    Fact is people fight at that age no matter what race they are it’s only those who chose to pit race against race that capitalise on such trivialities

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