“We’ll Take The Land And Redistribute It” ED Speaks On Land Audit

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that the ongoing land audit being carried out by the Land Commission is unearthing irregularities including multiple farm ownership by some senior government officials.

The president said that the government shall seize those farms for redistribution to citizens without land.

His remarks come as there are reports suggesting that some government officials registered their “ill-gotten farms” in other people’s names to outsmart the audit.

The country has underutilised land at a time when severe starvation is threatening citizens. Some former commercial farmers urged the government to take the underutilised land and give it to those who have the capacity to use it.

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One Comment on ““We’ll Take The Land And Redistribute It” ED Speaks On Land Audit

  1. If you want to correct most of the mess that Zim is currently in, then you should give the land back to the white owners. They will grow all the food you ever wished for, plus that would revamp the extremely broken affiliated companies. If you just give the land back to another wood chopper you will be importing food for the next 100 years and you will still have a broken economy.

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