Doctors Urge Govt To Reverse Its Decision Else They Will Leave The Country

The Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association (ZHDA) said that it is hopeful that the Health Services (HSB) will come back to its senses and reverse the decision to fire hundreds of striking doctors last week and commence sincere negotiations.

In a statement on Sunday, ZHDA said that doctors are considering leaving the country in a bid to secure jobs elsewhere. The statement reads:

We note with concern the continued job dismissals of our members. We are expecting even more doctors to be fired because almost all doctors are incapacitated.

We still don’t think this move is with thought and common reasoning since the HSB has not indicated how they are going to resolve the crisis without doctors.

Doctors are now finding other means of survival like any other unemployed Zimbabwean citizen with most planning on leaving the country, which is a sorry situation considering the impact it has on the suffering masses of our nation.

We are still hopeful that they will come to their senses and reverse this regressive decision and commence sincere negotiations.

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2 comments on “Doctors Urge Govt To Reverse Its Decision Else They Will Leave The Country

  1. I have said elsewhere that the UK is prepapring for NHS visas and will welcome our qualified medical staff. We are shooting ourselves in the foot with a rapid-fire automatic

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