The RTGS$ Is Currently 1:1 With The Rand Right Now – Mthuli Ncube :

The Finance Minister in an interview with the Sunday Mail said the Zimbabwean currency is competitive with other regional currencies right now as he answered questions about the economy.

Mthuli was responding to this question:

The local currency has been losing value even after the introduction of the interbank foreign exchange market. What is your comment on this continued decline in value of the local unit and its attendant harmful impact on the economy?

When he said:

It is imperative that we maintain a competitive currency. Where it stands now, the currency is competitive within the region. It is at 1:1 with the (South African) rand and not far from the (Botswana) pula and the (Zambian) kwacha. We did not have this before. We want to protect the currency and make sure that we have a stable currency. By the way, our currency has helped to improve competitiveness of our exports because when we were 1:1 with the US dollar, we were not competitive.

More: Sunday Mail

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6 comments on “The RTGS$ Is Currently 1:1 With The Rand Right Now – Mthuli Ncube :

  1. Rand 1 as 1 with RTGS. Salaries are 1 as to 15 Finance Minister should think before he talk. Civil servants are earning avarage of 1100 RTGS yet same position in South africa its 15000rand

    1. One can bring their R1 here and buy something, mthuli must try to take his rtgs1 across the border and see if it will buy the same item, or anything at all. Any fool can tell the two are not the same, it is just stage-managed to look the same

  2. Government must be on the offensive to teach people about money, our biggest problem is lack of understanding of money. Money is not that paper,this is why you find ecocash agent selling the same stuff to unsuspecting or illiterate public

    1. When the entire Zimbabwe economy can not support its citizen ‘s.
      When South African economy supports even more than 3 million Zimbabweans.
      How is it so that the rand and Zollars is 1 :1
      It can simply be ponzy schemes we have seen practised by zim finance ministers since 2000.
      Mtuli has no shame no moral fibre to lie with a straight face.
      No one including Zanupf believes in this guy now. If it was not for Ed. Muthuli would have had a run to Europe where he was a financial clerk. Zanupf has had enough of this Judas.
      He has no clue abwt practical economics.
      To him Zimbabwe is the fastest growing economy in the world.
      To him Zimbabwe has the strongest currency.
      To him Zimbabwe has the best opportunities to do business.
      To him the Zimbabwean economy has long turned a corner despite the fact that Zimbabwe will have a more than 6.5% negative economic growth.
      TO him Zimbabwe is the most open country for business.
      I have concluded that this man is just his masters voice. He is in it for him self and family. He is just setting his Base back at home after a docket had bn opened on the operations of Barbican bank.
      He is now Deeping deep. Just watch his cheeks and body weight.
      We can do better with Nkosana moyo. Or just bring back Gono or Chinamasa or find Makoni. Mtuli is bad bad bad news! !! For both Zanupf and country. He works for America and the EU. This is a regime change agent and has done very well in this regard so far.

      1. Gono, chinamasa etc must stay where they are, far away from our money. We have enough learned people with better ethics than the whole bunch of them

  3. Zesa:- our zesa charges are at par with the region…Mhtuli:- rtgs is at par with the rand…zera:- our fuel prices are at par with the region…public service:- why do doctors and other civil servants want to be at par with the region🤷‍♂️

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