UNDP Denies Funding Parly’s Pre-Budgetary Seminar

The UNDP has denied that it funded in part the budgetary seminar currently underway in Victoria Falls.  The matter came to light after a video of an MP thanking the UNDP for their yearly sponsorship surfaced on Twitter.

UNDP then responded to the tweet by Hopewell Chin’ono denying that they funded the pre-budget seminar:

@daddyhope Important to state that UNDP did not fund this. Happy to engage with you bilaterally on our support to development in Zimbabwe, incl over US$10m invested in Solar4Health in over 405 health facilities. In future please also feel free to verify with us.
The pre-budget seminar touched a storm when Chin’ono asked MDC Secretary-General why all the spending when the funds could have been used to run Harare hospital for 3 months.
Source: Twitter


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